Friday, February 29, 2008

MYSPACE is a social Network, Not Real Fu*King Life!

Okay. PSA for all you lovely people out there: MYSPACE is a social network, social network meaning not really fuc*ing life. Yes I had to say it. The MySpace community is made to socialize with friends. Let's look up socialize, see what it says.

To Socialize (a verb-u know an action word, meaning to do) breaks down into the adjective sociable.
Definition of sociable:
A: inclined to seek or enjoy companionship
B: marked by or conducive to friendliness or pleasant social relations

Now, my definition of pleasant social relations is being able to correspond with my friends however I want to over the MySpace network. I'm grown ok. I don't need anyone to dictate how I decide to be sociable with my friends. If I'm not disrespecting you, there is no need to disrespect me. In addition, real men and women don't lash out at others for their own insecurities... and that's all I gotta say about that. This is why I have a new rule.

Never let other people be in charge of your emotions. If you think about it, you don't make yourself upset, it's other people who do it. For too long I've let other people and their actions get to me, but now I just don't care. This has been something I've been working on over the last week, and really it's been going perfectly. When people do things I don't like or it hurts my feelings or pisses me the hell off, I just brush it off my shoulders, and keep it moving. No need in letting one person and one situation ruin my day which would have been great before they messed it up.

Today my horoscope said," Before you go to bat for someone, make sure you know what you're fighting for." Now this can be interpreted in two ways.

1. Before you decide to stand up for someone else, be sure you know why you're standing up for them or

2. If you're fighting for someone Iike a lost boyfriend, is it worth it?

Yes it’s my damn horoscope, and I can interpret it however I want to.

Probably more so the first one. I should probably pay heed to that one...but I just don't feel like getting into it right now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There Are People Out There Like Me!

Random thought, 5 Guys is the bomb. For those of you who might not know exactly what it is, it's a burger/fries restaurant here in Philly. OMG I had it today and it was sooooooooooooooo good. Yum Yum.

I've been meaning to write about this. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE IN THE WORLD LIKE ME! LOL. I was walking from the library two nights ago and these two girls walked up to me. Girl number one goes, " I know this is so random but can I ask you a question?" I thought this to be absolutely hilarious because I do this to people ALLLLLL the time. So I laughed and said go ahead. She went on to say her and girl #2 were trying to decide on where they should go eat. She asked, "do you think we should go to this wing spot which is really good or this cheese steak place we've never been to?" I smiled, “I would have to say the wing spot because cheese steaks are just not my thing." They thanked me and went on their way. I know ya'll might think that was crazy but I like people like that. People like me. We should all be more open like that you know what I'm saying..

But yea, I'm sitting in a meeting for the S.O.C.A club at my school; it's the student organization Caribbean Association. I was asked to be in a pageant...what do you think about that huh? It would be to represent Guyana. What do you guys think? I'm making a poll for your responses.

Now, it’s time for me to go home. I need to get some reading and cleaning done...Happy Blogging folks. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

An Atlantic City Excursion :) i stand here at the stove making pancakes at 12 noon, I can't help but wonder should I have one or should have 2 LOL- HOLD ON...GOTTA FLIP THEM OVER!!!!

Okay, I'm back. it's gonna be a fluffy pancake ya'll. Anyhow. So I missed blogging yesterday but that was only because I was having crazy fun. Yesterday afternoon after class I decided to go on an Atlantic City Excursion-no it's not totally random. It was da boyfriend's mom's birthday :) LUV i had to gooooo. Hold on..gotta put some PAM in the pan, time to fry my eggs.

BACK! so where was I...Yes, I LUV her, so I went. The entire fam was there, except da boyfriend-he had to work and go to school. But regardless we had a great time. OMG, they are some funny folks. It's always a good time being around them. They are so light hearted and I love how they love each other so much.

Not only that, but I got to see my Malachai and we all know how I feel about him. He is such a lover I swear. Loves to cuddle when he sleeps and all.

But as every good thing must come to an end, it was time to leave this morning. After stories of why Dumbo's mother had no business being killed, debates on if Lil Mama should be hosting that dance show on MTV, and Malachai throwin a tantrum in the middle of the night, we all went our seperate ways: them to NY, me back to Philly.

BUT DAMN!! Here comes the snow storm, which only made the ride back to Philly an even longer one. So instead of being back in my bed at 9 like I wanted to, I got into bed at 10, and couldn't even fall asleep :/.
So now, I'm still up because I have to go to work. Can't wait to hit the sheets tonight.

Well I'm off to facing the snow, wish me luck :)

P.S. The Pancakes R Bangin' hehe

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Can Not Respect A Cheat!!

So I always say, I can't stand stupid people. It's true, I can't. They say dumb sh*t, do dumb shi*t, and just act dumb as sh*t. But today I've decided the one thing I can't stand more than a stupid person is a cheater. After all, stupid people can't help themselves; they were just born that way. But cheaters, cheaters they have a choice. It is a decision to be made. Should I be faithful to the one I claim to love or should I be a jerk and continue until i get caught? I know the cheaters out there reading this are yelling, "hell yea, i continue until i get caught." It's just so sad man. A person can't possible respect their significant other if they cheat on them over and over again. It's simply not logical. Consequently, I can not respect a cheat. When you are a cheat it makes you so many other things. A liar, a dishonest person, scum… should I continue with the list? Ugh...It's almost stressful. I obviously have my reasons for writing this, no my man is not cheating on me (well not to my knowledge...never say never) and my reasons really hurt my heart. I love my all of girlfriends and I can only wish them wisdom. So in the name of my gurlies here's a Carrie Underwood:

Carrie Underwood ~ Before He Cheats

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& yes I know it's a bit violent-I've been violent lately huh lol- but remember last post, love can make you do some crazy sh*t. But honestly, anyone who cheats repeatedly probably deserves it.

Now that I have vented- enough about the cheaters- on to watching more Idol. Talented group this year I must say :)

It's Another Day

It's another day, and I'm just laying here in bed. Seriously, I'm kinda home sick. I miss my girls and my boyfriend, and my family a lot. I just wanna go home. But I'm kinda stuck in Philly for awhile. Oh wellzzz...

I'm sitting here tryna do this paper. BORING!!! I know Im the english major, but sometimes I just don't feel like it.

Nothing great happpened today. Just went to work, went to sleep, cooked, and did homework. I live a pretty lonely life sometimes...SMH

On a brighter note. I'm looking forward to see how the two primarys go tomorrow for Hawaii and Wisconsin. Come on people, let's get it together. We are so close for Obama, I'm loving it. And another thing, I like him so much because I think he has gotten so many young people into politics. I've never seen so many people my age so interested in a cause. I love it.

Well I think thats all it's gonna be for tonight, gotta go read for this damn class and check on the hubby...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Will Make You Do Some Crazy Sh*t I don't mean to be back on this again today, but after talking about the new Ashanti song "The Way That I Love You," I realized there is a video for it (sorry folks I don't watch much BET). Here take a look at it then we shall discuss:
Ashanti - The Way That I Love You

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This chick seriously went crazy. like damn, love can make you do some crazy sh*t. I can't believe she killed the dude. Oh well, he probably deserved it...hahha..just kidding. No I'm not a violent person. on a side note, Ms.Ashanti is looking beautiful- even when she is being hauled off to jail lol. I've never been a major fan of hers myself -Beyonce all the way- but her voice has even gotten better, and we all know she writes those hot songs, so good job A.

N E How, my weekend was pretty eventful. The hubby visited me in PA, and we had a really good time him. Now he's gone, and I miss him :(

OH YEAAAAA one more thing...speaking of the hubby, him and I watched the all star game last night and it was lots of fun...specially the dunk competition... check this dude out:
He freaking super man through the who does that. amazing. That's all I gotta say. Well I'm off to bed... work in 7 hrs. and I need my zzzzz

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happenings of This Week

So I've been missing for some time now. Not on purpose though, it’s just been a busy week at school and work. Just a few things I'd like to touch on, you know the happenings of this week.Let’s start from Sunday. I've been meaning to comment on the Tina Turner/Beyonce performance. If you haven't seen it, check it out:

It was pretty hot huh? I mean they killed it. You guys know I'm obviously biased to Ms. B because I absolutely love her. She did such a wonderful job. & you know people actually have the nerve to hate.SMH. What is up with Ms. Franklin coming down on Beyonce like that because B announced Ms. Turner as the queen? Come on; was that really something to bitch about? NOPE, NOT REALLY! It's not B's fault she's all washed up now. Yes I said it. I mean how insecure you must be in your status to even say something like, "Beyonce had no right to call Tina the Queen." What a lame. And now my girl B is probably upset because one of the legends hates her.

On to other things, I'm really feeling the new Ashanti song. Haven't heard it yet? Well here you go:

“The Way That I Love You.” Interesting huh? Story of every woman's life. Seriously why are guys such jerks? They seriously don't know how to appreciate anything. And I'm starting to believe once a cheater always a cheater. People, trust me. It's the truth. Oh wellz... Hot song though.

So Valentine’s Day has passed, it is gone. It was a pretty boring one I must say. You know it always sucks when you can't spend special days with the ones you love. So I went to class (in a green sweater) came home around one, and watched Vh1 for the rest of the day. But SUPRISE SURPRISE!!! My honey honey got me stuff delivered (Mind yo biz- you don’t need to know was it was hehe) and it was very nice. Kinda lightened the whole V-day mood. Can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend.

Now I'm sure I had much more to say, but as the week goes on, I tend to forget. So it was nice sharing with you all, and you'll be hearing from me soon :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry! We're Closed Today, Sunday...SMH

What do I wanna share with ya'll today. Well for one. I was on the train, and found someone's cell phone. I thought the nice thing to do would be to return it, so i looked for the obvious numbers. Ya know, home #. Mom's,dad's...and it had none of that sh*t. Made me almost not want to return it. I mean come on, you better have a pretty good reason for not having ur momma's number up in your cell phone. Anyhow, I got in touch with the person, she came to pick it up, and explained that her mom is actually listed under her first name. SMH...I don't know about all that. Speaking of mother's though (on a side note)...

Mine worked my last nerve today. Infact, it was like the opposit of "Pissed off at everyone in the world except my mommy." Now it's like, "Still pissed off at everyone in the world, including my mommy." She is so damn demanding, seriously folks, these visits to NY haven't been so great, m really gonna stay in Philly for awhile (but back to things)...

I tired venturing out today to get some panties guys, it's fun. Back in Sept I'd went to this place in the Village for my birthday and got a shirt done which said, "Kiss me, Ashmalli, Today's my Birthday!" Wouldn't believe how many kisses I actually did get. Anyhow, I wanted to get some cute boy shorts today in light of the Valentine Day holiday to come. So i hopped on my little train (exactly when I found the cell phone), went all the way there to see a sign on the door which read, "Sorry we're closed Today Sunday." WTF...I really wanted those panties man. So not only did I not get them, but I also had to fight my way through snow, wind, and 20 degree weather to get there. The things we do in the name of love. UGH. Speaking of love...

LETS NOT!!!!! Cause it XXXXX right now. You fill in the blank!

On a brighter note, I've really been following the 2008 presidential election, and I think I've made it obvious that my pick is for Senator Obama all the way. Yesterday I found this video, and guys it's truly inspiring. I mean we should just go ahead and make him president already. I've never seen so much support for one man from so many different outlets. This particular one shows his support from some celebs we all know and love. Check it out:

Nice right? Made me wanna cry personally. Well off to bed go. Off to Philly I go tomorrow.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

There is such a thing as an honest Thief

So Today was another uneventful one. It seems I'm always so excited to come home to NY becauseI wanna see my friends and boyfriend but then it just turns into a big whatever because my friends and boyfriend end up at places together and Im at home. Too long to explain. The most eventful thing so far for today is my identity being stolen....

YES's been stolen. I decided to check my credit report online today, and you wouldn't believe some bastard opened an account in my name. And not only that, but they have been paying it on time. I guess there is such a thing as an honest thief. So Chase is currently looking it up.

Hmph. I've got to get out tonight. I've decided to go to this party my aunt is throwing for her boyfriend. I mean sure I'll be hanging out with 50 year old people :( but it's something to do. Maybe I'll bag up some old man who can help me clear everything on that credit report up....hehe

On to bleaker events...I have all this damn work to do for school it's not even cool. That's what I should have been doing. Should have kept my a*s in Philly and done my freaking hw. But rest ashore this is my last weekend in this place called NYC. My presense it much more appreciated in Philly anyway....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mad at everyone in the world, EXCEPT MY MOMMY I’m sitting here watching Desperate Housewives, I’m thinking I respect Eva's character no lie. I mean I never watch the show on the regular but every time I do, she is always cheating on someone. & do you know why she does the sh*t that she does huh? Here husband, that major or whoever he is, is an "I’m not ever around" kind of bastard. I'm convinced, 95% of women just cheat because their significant other are assholes. I mean sure, we love them, we wanna have their babies one day, walk down the aisle, but a girl needs attention & if you're not giving it, best believe she'll get it from some place else. Yes I said it...
Which moves on to I effin' hate selfish people, especially selfish men. U guys know the type. The ones that you would do anything for, lay yourself down for, and they are selfish as sh*t...don't care about your feelings or nothing...ain't even gonna get into it anymore & I’m certainly not calling any names.
As ya'll can probably tell by now, Im having a messed up kinda day. Im just so grumpy and everything is bothering me. I give all credit to "my friend," if you know what I mean, cause Im never like this. And certain people can't even give me an "Ok Ashmalli. This is ur free pass to bitch today." WTF...Seriously, i just wanna break something

Anyway...on with even more annoyance. I came home tonight from work (the job that i hate) only to find that one of my roommates ate my dinner. WTF. Now I’m not feeling' well, and I have to go cook something. Can you believe it? This S*it is ridiculous. Right now, I think I’m just gonna go to bed. Tomorrow will be a new and hopefully better day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yep Yep...Im Cultured

SO this is gonna be a long one. It's official, I am a bad blogger. I haven't written on this thing for about four days and I have so much to say. Promise to do a better job guy. So let’s start with, I had an absolute fabulous weekend.
First, Sat I went to an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Since it was the beginning of the Chinese new year, the museum held an exhibition on Chinese culture. My bestie Fatima and I were able to make a chop. A chop for those of you who don't know is a stamp which is pretty much a signature of ones name.
In addition to the chop we also listened to cultural Chinese music, and I sung in a fun fun...Of course Fatima ate because she is just the regular fat ass... and then we did Salsa dancing, who knew the museum could be such fun.
On to super bowl Sunday. But before we get to that excellent win, Keeya luv, Missy (Fatima), and I all went out to support Obama.
Mann....that was crazy. No, people in NY are crazy. We pretty much just had to get people to sign up and support Senator Obama and remind them of Super Tuesday. Some people had attitudes, obvious Republican haters. You know one guy had the nerve to scream in our faces, "I am a republican..."LOSER!!!! Then they were the Hillary lovers, mostly women though. After chasing random people down on the streets of NY though...It was time to go home and watch the game with my Cheatham, the New England lover..SMH. Needless to say his Super Bowl Sunday didn't turn out so well...but it did for me..GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GIANTSSS!!!!
On to the important things in life though. I really hope you guys went out and voted today, no matter for whom because really it’s so so so important. I mean super Tuesday had gotten me just as excited as the super bowl...Go Obama! Yes we can!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chasing The U.P.S. Truck Down In The Rain

Today was an interesting kinda day. As we all know, I have an internet ordering obsession. About a month ago, I ordered a jacket from Victoria Secret, had it delivered, and realized, it was not for me. I've been meaning to returning it forever, but in order to do so I'd have to actually leave my house and head on out to the U.P.S. store. Well as we all know it is raining today & I decided to venture out and wash my hair-yes I know, washing my hair while it's raining outside, not so much of a brilliant idea. Anyway, upon leaving the hair salon, I saw the U.P.S. truck and realized, "HEY!!! I can give him the package instead of going all the way to the U.P.S. store." know what came next, chasing the U.P.S. Truck Down In The Rain. After running after it for one block, the guy finally decided to stop the truck. I pleaded, “Can I just run to my house get my package and bring it back?" and the bastard had the nerve to say, "I'm going into that house, if I'm still here, I guess." HMPH. So there I was running again up the block to my house to get the package. I finally got it, ran up the block again, and handed it to him. Thank god that's over. In the end, I got to return the stinking jacket, got some fresh rain water, and an end result of $150.00 credit to my Vicki's Card.