Sunday, May 11, 2008


SO I haven't written in awhile because things have been kind of crazy. Probably way too much to write but here goes everything. Let's see. Different aspects of my life would include school, my job, family, friends, and the boyfriend. Believe it or not people, I'm having problems with EVERY aspect I just listed.

Let's start with school. Obviously it is the end of the semester and I am so backed up with work it's not even funny. Papers to write, finals to take, OMG when will it all end. I know, i know, it sounds like I'm complaining but after 3 yrs of college, I swear I never get use to this end of semester madness. But of course everything seems more difficult because...

The boyfriend is acting up. Yea, I'm putting it out there. Hey, we all have ways in which we express our feelings, and this just happens to be mine. After almost three years of the going back and forth he has decided this just isn't working. Isn't it crazy how it takes two people to get into the relationship but just one to get out of it? You have no say, how you feel doesn't matter. All you can do it accept the fact that the person you know deep down inside is meant for you, can't see the real truths. & the hardest part is after trying about 4 times to make things work you know the LOGICAL thing to do is to let go. That's what men do, think "logically." But it's difficult when your heart tells you, letting go isn't the way to go. It's all way too difficult. folks could only understand the type of stress I'm under. & Really this seems to be ruining other parts of my life too...i.e. my job.

The other day because I was having a discussion with him about the relationship, I totally missed work which I thought would be okay at the time. I mean come on, I personally believe nothing at Club Monaco is more important than me doing what I think is more important for me. But not only that, my boss be trippin'. Yep I said it. That chick is crazy. She obviously thinks I'm not doing a good job there which is blowing my mind. I mean I did wonderfully on my appraisal, got a raise a month ago, but yet I'm not doing well. tsk tsk. It's okay though, I can handle her.

Oh yea, so I guess I exaggerated. My friends are the shit and I don't know where I would be without them :) and my family is quite the supportive bunch. I guess I just wanted to get it all out and hopefully I'll be back soon with more positive post.

On a brighter note, Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there :)