Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Partna Lemme Up Date Ya!

so where have i been since Thursday?

Ahh the weekend was calm. Just went to work, my usual deal. Fri was pay day, woop woop! Except I can't find my check, never got direct deposit...don't quite like it, I know it's silly. Hopefully I'll find it soon cause a girl needs her dough.

Sat instead of going to school i slept in, yep, probably as my professor did the week before last when she missed class. Hung out with the boyfriend in the morning, went to work, and then after did our Apple Bee's ritual for dinner...

Photobucket !!!

Sunday was a regular day, volunteered to go to work, put my hours in there, and went on home. Today was pretty much the same.

On a brighter note my BFF's B-Day is on Thurs and I'm super excited. Hopefully we can make her day a bit special. she always has a b-day dinner on Sat, so we'll see how that goes...sure it's gonna be fun.

Well off to doing more nothingness with myself, just thought I should stop in and up date you guys

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music

Soo I'm listening to music, and they are some random songs I just can't get enough of. Maybe cause I can place them at different phases of my life. For example phase 1:

Jamie Foxx, Overdose

Where the hell were you guys when I was on that "him" drug, thank god that shit is ova. but LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVsss this song.

Went into my phase 2 of thinking

Letoya Luckett, Not Anymore

Yep...Finally realized, " i deserve somebody that'll treat me right."

& now, I think I might have just found him...

Keri Hilson, Knock you down.

Yess my friends, my ass is currently on the floor.

The latter of the songs, usually when I'm listening to it, I just think, "awww it's nice to really care for someone that much," but seeing the video puts a completely new spin on the song. The video version was def my life 2 months ago. Happy i picked "my Neyo" ♥...sorry Kanye!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Monday pt 2.

Today was an awesome day. I got to sleep in until 11am because i didn't have to go to work until later. Things got even better when I got there and found out that I'm one of the top sellers in Manhattan, yet again. I beat some more ass in sales and journeyed on to see the BF.

Tonight was movie date night and weeeee decided to see...


It was good enough. Kinda started off slow, didn't really like that. However, once the action got started, it was grrreeeaatt!!!

Besides that, just here at 12:40am getting ready for my Tuesday. School then work. Hope your Tuesday is ultra fab :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emailing Is Da New Craze Gurl, Try It!!!

You guys won't believe this BS. I have a sat morning 9am class. I take the subway to school, NYC ya know.

My train was super messed up today. It usually takes me 25 mins to school, today it took me an hour and 10mins.


Has home girl never heard of emailing? I could have been asleep for at least an additional 4 hrs. And to top it off, I switched with a bunch of people at work today because I wanted to go in right after class. Now I have two hrs of nothing to do. Can't even do shopping. Stores do not open at 9am.

Anyhow, its whateva. My outing yesterday with the bestie was the best. Awesome times, can't wait until her birthday which is in less than 2 weeks. Woop Woop :)
Happy Saturday ya'll :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


It's the first day of SPRINNGG!!


The 1st Day of Spring Google Sign ♥ it

So to celebrate, I'll be doing laundry on my 1st day off in 11 days, stuffy nose and all :/ lol...Nah, that's not the highlight of my day. Gonna actually meet up with my BFF. We're gonna do some light shopping and then get some Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, I love that place.

Hope you guys are enjoying your Friday. What chu up to???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day...

...Well over the hump day that is. It's Wednesday, and I'm sick again less than 2 months later. I have a stiff neck, WTF is that about?! My throat hurts, but that thera flu stuff really works, and my head is banging sooo hard. Tough times man.

Anyway, the day was a retarded one, except for when I got to see My Conway, the BF. Went to work, it was overbearing, and I'm starting to not like it there. It's like an effin' blonde take over. chick came up to me today all apologizing. I guess after she found out she was wrong. Told her how I felt and left it like that.

Came home with my head hurting and then My Conway came over and kept me company...Yep he's the best. After that i took a nap, watched some Top Model, Lie to Me, and American Idol.

Anyhow, Imma get back to my neck exercises right now cause it really hurts :/

Night guys!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Can Hate Me Now...

For everyone who expects this from me here goessss


Happy St. Patty's Day Guuuyyyss

To be honest though, I didn't even know it was St. Patricks Day until I got to work around 12, SMH. Today was kind of a sucky day. I went to school, that was okay except I felt sick all day, until I went to work. Work always makes me feel better, I know crazzy right?! Except, when I got there the drama started to unfold.

So I have this blonde co-worker who got the job because she knows our District Manager. She get hours no one else gets, well except for me cause I'm so great hahaa, and has been flaunting around for the last two weeks.

Anyhow, I am usually our top seller, but it doesn't matter to me because we get NOTHING for that. Well this little lady came and got to be top seller because I went away for 4 days remember? I came back to work and obviously regained my spot. You know what this heffa did, told my manager that I stole her sale of a suit.


Nah, homey you got the wrong one. I told my manager straight up, "I asked him if anyone helped him, he said no, and I put it under the house number which is certainly not my number." What a sore loser. I hate stuff like that because I am always on the go at work and I work hard because I'm a sociable person who loves to help others. Now Imma be at work tomorrow with the ill tude like, "let's see who is gonna sell $4,000 for ya ass in one day now!"


Remember these quotes I gave from back in Jaunary...

The next time u have an opportunity to be offended, think of it as an opportunity to develop your character

When u allow what someone says to offend u, you're giving away your power.

I am certainly not going to give away my power. In fact, this inspires me. Now I'm gonna do even better, luvs it :)

like my homey Mase says, "you can hate me noww....." ya'll know the rest lol.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Monday

Before I get into it, you know what I've noticed? Everyone in the blogging world is slowly starting to fade away. No one blogs anymore :/

But anyway, I'm trying to keep up with it just a little bit. Today was good. Work, came home, and then went out to dinner with my boyfriend. Always good times with him :)

Had my 2nd favorite guy, daddy comes first ALWAYZZZ, my favorite thai food, and good laughs. What more could a girl ask for.

I ♥ it :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Letter to the World

Dear World,

I'd like to point out to everyone out there, I'm a woman but at times I'm still a girl. I'm a 21 year old who has honestly never had any major issues. Sure I've had a heartbreak here or there, but everyone has to go through those.

My family life is great, I have awesome friends, I do well with my goals and ambitions, and for the most part, I get along well with others.

I think this is when people try to put me on a pedestal. Hello to everyone out there, can I pllllleeeeaaasseeee be allowed to mess up too!!!. I'm still learning.

I don't always know how to handle situations well but I try. I can honestly say, the things that I do or might have done do not come from a place of hate, anger, or intentional dishonesty...it simply comes from a place of inexperience.

Sometimes, In making the right decision for myself, I go about executing it in the wrong way, for that.... I am sorry.

I'm a work in progress ya know, and my mistakes have just started being made. All I can do, is learn from them and move on.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No HO, You Turnin' Me Off!!!

Okay, so everyone knows I'm the biggest Bey obsessor ever. Like we're really gonna get married one day and have 10 kids lol. This chick Keri Hilson, I was actually feeling her too. I even had her "Turning Me On" song on my blog for a lil bit. But yea, she has officially turned me off, how bout that.

Homey reall went and made a diss song towards my Bey, SMH.

Take a listen


I actually liked her, but that's over. The support is done with and if that was some sort of scheme for publicity or to sell records, come on...how many Beyonce fans did you just loose..ahh LOTS homey. IT was just retard.

Okay, I've vented. Besides that stuff. I'm back from GA, studying for a Philosophy exam, so I'll be sure to be back really soon.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Run Down

I've been gone for 2 whole weeks and have missed you guys like CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Don't even know where to start, but I guess school would be good.

As you guys know I'm not at Temple this semester but I am taking two classes while I am at home, just to keep my brain active ya know. I love my business management class, makes me wanna smack my ill equip managers every time I see them SMH. Philosophy is CRAZZZZYY, truly gives you lots to think about. I like that class a lot. Speaking of managers though, work is crraazzzy, can you guys tell that's my new word.

Life at Club Monaco I tell ya. Managers are getting fired left, right, and center. I hate having to adjust to new bosses who obviously don't know your needs. Thank God I'm dipping out just in time because...

I've got a 4:40 PM flight out of this bitch of an ice box called NY. Yes, my lovelies, I'm going to GA today and super excited about it :) My daddy is graduating from a medical program, sooooo proud of the man, he's worked soooo hard over the last four years. his graduation is tomorrow so I'm making my way on down. Excited to see him, my family, and my God sister. Best part though the weather there is in the 70's It's gonna be 75 tomorrow and 77 on Sat....CRAZZZZYYYYY lol. Can't wait, especially for the awesome food. Speaking of food though...

I've been eating A LOT of it lately. I can just feel my ass and thighs getting bigger, but i must say...I likey hehe.

Biggest news of all though, 2 things. I'm starting a magazine, it's something I've been wanting to do for about 2 yrs now but finally feel inspired enough to do it. I'll be launching it as a website so you guys can look out for that sometime in the spring. Other news, I've got a boyfriend now. He's awesome and I'm super excited about him. I guess I'm super excited about a lot these days huh!


See that smile on my face? It's a niccee genuine one :)

That's everything summed up in a nutshell, will be sure to go into details on a few things next time around. Off to your blogs I go :)

P.S. Yes everyone, i did see the google sign for Dr Seuss' birthday. Super wanted to blog that day just to share it hehe.