Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Run Down

I've been gone for 2 whole weeks and have missed you guys like CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Don't even know where to start, but I guess school would be good.

As you guys know I'm not at Temple this semester but I am taking two classes while I am at home, just to keep my brain active ya know. I love my business management class, makes me wanna smack my ill equip managers every time I see them SMH. Philosophy is CRAZZZZYY, truly gives you lots to think about. I like that class a lot. Speaking of managers though, work is crraazzzy, can you guys tell that's my new word.

Life at Club Monaco I tell ya. Managers are getting fired left, right, and center. I hate having to adjust to new bosses who obviously don't know your needs. Thank God I'm dipping out just in time because...

I've got a 4:40 PM flight out of this bitch of an ice box called NY. Yes, my lovelies, I'm going to GA today and super excited about it :) My daddy is graduating from a medical program, sooooo proud of the man, he's worked soooo hard over the last four years. his graduation is tomorrow so I'm making my way on down. Excited to see him, my family, and my God sister. Best part though the weather there is in the 70's It's gonna be 75 tomorrow and 77 on Sat....CRAZZZZYYYYY lol. Can't wait, especially for the awesome food. Speaking of food though...

I've been eating A LOT of it lately. I can just feel my ass and thighs getting bigger, but i must say...I likey hehe.

Biggest news of all though, 2 things. I'm starting a magazine, it's something I've been wanting to do for about 2 yrs now but finally feel inspired enough to do it. I'll be launching it as a website so you guys can look out for that sometime in the spring. Other news, I've got a boyfriend now. He's awesome and I'm super excited about him. I guess I'm super excited about a lot these days huh!


See that smile on my face? It's a niccee genuine one :)

That's everything summed up in a nutshell, will be sure to go into details on a few things next time around. Off to your blogs I go :)

P.S. Yes everyone, i did see the google sign for Dr Seuss' birthday. Super wanted to blog that day just to share it hehe.

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kmx. said...

You're BACK!!!!
I've missed you soooo much =]

Glad to hear classes are going well. I've been on my philosophy tip lately, all that thinking gives me pleasant headaches.

I think spring has sprung! It's been in the 50's-60's in the Tri-State area!! Woo usss! But GA is so much better.

Can't wait for the magazine & is that BOYFRIEND I see, Mystery Man. Happy to hear love =)

& why are you so flippin' gorgeous?!

Take care (=

Eb the Celeb said...

I know I've been terrible at keeping up with my blog peeps... plz forgive me...

Fab pic missy!

aeriin said...

hope you had fun in ga, i havent been in years, how was it?

1/3 said...

hey girl! glad your break was worth while and you look purty in your pic!

tell your dad congrats! and have fun in GA. it looks like you have alot to celebrate:-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Alright for a boyfriend...I have a cousin at Temple - Tyrina Newkirk - I wonder if you know her.

aLwAySz said...

& You Look awesome too!

I'm soooooo Happy for you!
Honestly i felt a little bit of guilt Parading my babie-cakes, on my blog with out you doing the same.

SUPER KUDOS to your dad.
That's really AWESOME!

Glad your embracing your inner fatty.
No disrespect You looked good before but now you look even better!

Where are the GA pics?
Don't mind me that's just a guilty blogger talking.
**looks around**
Don't tell anyone but i went to FL in January, took pics, but didn't blog about it.
Shhhhhhh SHHHHHHH!
I know I Know.
I will though.

& lastly i'm glad you peeped the Dr. Goodle joint.
Part of me was Jealous that i couldn't blog it, 1st.
But that's just the competitor in me.

Soon Talk.