Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Letter to the World

Dear World,

I'd like to point out to everyone out there, I'm a woman but at times I'm still a girl. I'm a 21 year old who has honestly never had any major issues. Sure I've had a heartbreak here or there, but everyone has to go through those.

My family life is great, I have awesome friends, I do well with my goals and ambitions, and for the most part, I get along well with others.

I think this is when people try to put me on a pedestal. Hello to everyone out there, can I pllllleeeeaaasseeee be allowed to mess up too!!!. I'm still learning.

I don't always know how to handle situations well but I try. I can honestly say, the things that I do or might have done do not come from a place of hate, anger, or intentional simply comes from a place of inexperience.

Sometimes, In making the right decision for myself, I go about executing it in the wrong way, for that.... I am sorry.

I'm a work in progress ya know, and my mistakes have just started being made. All I can do, is learn from them and move on.


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Amber-Alert said...

we all make mistakes no matter how old or how experienced we one is perfect. its life lol.