Saturday, August 30, 2008

Off 2 Philly I Go...


...On that School Flow!!! Here's to the finally yr. of my undergraduate career...can somebody say Woop Woop with me?!!! :)

I miss NY already :(

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Callin' all My Advice Bloggers!!!! :)

Alrighty. I didn't wanna do this, but I just had to. Even changed the URL for my blog so some people who don't have blogs can't find it.

Anyhow, here goes. I've been seeing this guy for almost 2 months now right. I never said anything to you guys because I didn't wanna jinx it.

We met, he offered his number, i declined. He took mine, called me a few times, I never replied. Finally did, and we've been cool ever since. So over the last two months we pretty much see each other almost everyday. Like he is always at my house. I never bring people home because I don't like them to meet my mom, but I guess I did because I started to really like him. My friends like him, my mom likes him, met his dad, he likes me, cool with his friend. So I'm thinking things are progressing.

When we did meet, I do remember mentioning, "I don't want a boyfriend," because that was the state of mind I was in at the time. But then, I started to really like him a lot. I even thought he was boyfriend material. But I know it's still new so I don't wanna push it.

I'm in NY right now, leaving for school in 2 days (school is 1.5 hrs away so not a problem), and I feel like he's been acting a bit differently. So the other night I'm talking to him, and I ask him how much on a scale from 1-10 does he like me and he says a 7. So I'm thinking, "a 7!!! WTF, I'm felling him like a 9." So we're talking about it last night again, and he is still on this seven bullshit.

I ask him, "does it bother you when you ask me questions like this?" and he goes, "well no but a little because it's obvious that you like me more than I like you."

This is what I'm thinking. First off, don't assume how I feel. Granted it might be true, but how do you really say something like that?!

& I'm thinking, okay. You're the one over here all the time, calling my mom Mommy and shit, all in my best friend's face, chillin' with me, doing stuff together, and now you're acting brand new just a little bit.

I'm telling you man. Dudes just don't know how to act. So I was type upset & after that convo straight deleted his number out my phone. But honestly it's not because I hate him or anything, I think it's just because I do like him.

What do you guys think? HELP!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's actually 2:11 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Sitting at the computer chit chatting with a friend about a few things. Man, I'm in some kind of mood. I have so much to say, but just don't know how to say it. I think it's all because I know some people read my blog now and I don't want them all up in it.

I feel like this just contradicts my post I made yesterday, you know all that stuff about saying what I need to if necessary. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to find some kind of way to share with you guys.

On the bright side, My B-day is in less than 2 weeks. The big 21 and I'm thinking I'm going Tiffany's all the way. Tryna scam my mom into buying me a bracelet, but I really wanna get myself some earrings, and I'm really going to :)

Back on that "Me" Flow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ain't No Feelin' Like Being Free

This is exactly how I feel. I woke up this morning with a big ass smile on my face. On my way to work-more train thinking- I realized how I just haven't been myself over the last 3 yrs. Sure my mom knows who I am and my best friend knows who I am, but the person I was in a relationship with never knew. When we first met it was the ending of high school and I was purer that the Virgin Mary- WORD!!! Didn't do anything. No parties, drinking, cursing, nothing. But of course I went to college and my point of views changed on a lot of things. Religion, family, friendship, and especially men.

These point of views are the ones I carry with me today. However, I had a fear of loosing this guy- stupid shit, yea I know- so I never was that person I truly was. Therefore, it was a miserable situation. I wasn't even my goofy, weirdo, Guyanese self lol.

But now things are different. I feel enlightened and all I want to be is a little bit more like me. I'm so proud of the woman I have turned out to be thus far & I wouldn't change me for the world.

So yes, I am doing everything I ever wanted to do, yes I will wear what my heart desires, yes I will tell you how I feel if necessary, and yes I am gonna be
A² to the fullest.

Side note: By no means do I want you to read this as something relevant to some guy I usta see. This is simply me embracing the me that I've become, the me that I love :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Been Gone 4 a Min...

...Now I'm back with the jump off LOL. Sorry guys, having a silly moment. But no really, haven't been on since Thursday. Quite a bit has happened. Personally-loooooong asss story and def for a more serious moment. But besides that stuff. I've got the pics from the FREEEE 99 concert I went to on Thurday.

So like I was saying before, the concert consist of Solange, Michelle Williams, Terrance Howard, and some other lame.

But before, it started I was sitting there chillin' & you guys know some people just be begging for you to take a picture of this woman:


she dead ass had her ass all up in my face!! GROSS!

Then their was this old dude sitting next to me:


He dead ass brung his binoculars w/ him

Thennnn....this one old man was dancing mad hard:


you would have thought he was Solange's Granddaddy hehe

But after all that pre-show entertainment...Solange finally came on, and actually did well.

She was soo pretty and I straight up wanted to steal her dress for my Sept birthday celebrations lol.
Even had a video for you guys of her doing, "I Decided":

She is just a lot better these days vocally, so you go girl.

Michelle on the other hand, wasn't so great in my opinion.

Then to top it off they introduced a new artist name Chosen:

He was a mess. His dancing, his singing, and him obviously trying to hide the fact that he was gay. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with gay folks at all, but don't get up on stage using "she, her" pronouns when it's obvious you clearly like men SMH. Needless you say, he got booed.

On to the next, Terrance Howard-also known as Terry now- performed:

I actually liked his songs. Lots of good meanings to them...especially "Shine Through It." Check it out:

Good Job Terry!

& at the end of the day, it was simply a beautiful day in the NYC :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

How was the Concert?

So the concert actually turned out to be dope. Solange, Michelle Williams, Some dude name Chosen-he was whack- & Terrance Howards. Took a lot of pics for you guys, even did some video- promise to get it up as soon as possible.

As for now, I'm going 2 bed. Work in the morning, and I had a long day.

Smooches ;)

A Day Off- What shall I do?

So today I have a day off and I've been up since about nine just blogging. Finally gonna make this post and then get up. Gotta do some things around the house. You know, laundry, cleaning, and then I'm off to chilling with the bestie. She text me this morning from work saying Solange is having a free concert today in NYC at 5 so we're gonna be in there like swim wear. I guess it's the closest I'm gonna get to Ms. Beyonce for a while :/lol

Need to look some internships up as well, so off I go. Be sure to tell you guys all about it later


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Randominess Pt.3- Mad Sh*T

Okay so I haven't been around in two days. That's just really because photobucket was acting up. Anyhow, what's new? side note: MY MOM IS ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME AS I CURRENTLY TYPE!!!

but like I was saying, just a bunch of randomness lately. Most Importantly, I was reading the New York 2 days ago.


The article pretty much spoke on the topic of race. You know, how people act as if it no longer exist in this particular political race for president but it obviously does. According to the article, "it's a race consumed by race." Although our fare Barak has got the young, minority, and white woman Caucasian vote, the older Caucasian man just won't along with the "uneducated pale face voter"-because you know they're just ignorant. But I suggest you read up on it, cool article. On to the next...

So the reason I was even reading that article was because I went to Rite Aid. Needed to get a new tooth brush cause the one in my house just miraculously disappeared. I was really tempted to get this one...


hehe. But I just couldn't because, come on it was a kiddy one and the brush was too small. I really wanted to though :)

More randomness. Don't I look pretty in the box???


A certain someone came over my house, reference "Getting 2 know me(section 2 things I wanna do right now)" if you're that interested in knowing who, and put me in a box SMH. It was fun though and mad comfortable. I know I'm a weirdo hehe.

But even more weird than me is this pic the bestie PTY sent me.


Incase you were wondering, this dude's final request was to be standing up at his funeral...VERY FREAKY...Yikes!!!

Other than all that madness, I'm just chillin. School starts in less than 2 weeks. Can you believe it??! AHHHHHH!!! But even better, my B-day is in 3weeks and so is Vegas. Been doing all sorts of shopping for it. SO excited, but I guess you can tell.

What you guys been up to's life? I wanna know :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Photobucket is a BITCH!!!

So I actually had a lot of things to share today but my pictures refuse to upload to photobucket & it just won't be the same w/o the pics. So I decided to go a different route.

I absolutely love these goes hehe:

Target's Back to College

LOL I love the dancing in this video seriously makes me want to go to Target and stock up

Sears: Don't just go back, arrive!

Okay I never shop at Sears, infact I just may think it's the whackest store ever. However, this commercial has got me wanting to go in there and get every outfit Vanessa wears. So, I'm thinking Sears is gonna be bringing in the bucks this back to school season because if I can hardly resist is some 13 yr. old girl gonna be able to? lol.

T.I.-Whatever You Like

Alrighty so everyone knows that Beyonce is my female crush and no one comes before her. But I've had this secret obsession with T.I. for some while now. MY God, his swag is seriously hurting them, Can I have his babies now lol.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gettin' 2 know me...

So I'm actually bored as hell. Actually i don't think it's boredom just don't wanna do anything, another bummy Sunday. So I came across this "Getting to know me" thing on someone elses blog and figured I'd do it. Might even learn something about myself :) So here goessssss...

9 ways to win my heart...

- Be honest
-Spoil me hehe.
-Bring me food when I'm hungry
- Love me in slow motion, you know don't rush things
-Get along with my friends ( yes if you can't it's a major no no)
-Take me out for Thai food
-Respect Me
-make me laugh silly lol
- Always be yourself :)
8 things I want to do before I die...

- Develop my own magazine
-Become a college professor
-Go to Thailand
-Make a CD
-Have Children
-Get married
-Get a PhD by the age of 29.
- Have a man build me a closet like big built Carrie :)

7 ways to annoy me...
- being a liar
- Standing me up
-Showing up at my house uninvited
-Eating my food
-smoking all up in my face
-Feelin' like you can talk to me anywhich way you please

6 things I believe in...:
-My mommy
-My Bestfriend, Missy
-the English language lol

5 things I am afraid of...:
-Being choked
-flying (sometimes)
-car crashes ( hate driving fast)
- My mom when get got that, "don't mess w/ me face on"lol

4 of my favorite things...:

-My camera
-My blackberry
-My computer
-My College (Temple U. All day)

3 things I do everyday:

- Everything on the computer
- Read
- eat

2 things I wanna do right now...:

- see Chaddy
- Go back to sleep

1 person i wanna see right now...:
- My aunt Merlin. I miss her soooooooo much :(

Much 2 tired...

Much too tried to blog. Actually had an eventful day but documenting it would be much too long. How are you guys enjoying your weekend thus far?
Blog ya tomorrow :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

...How about you don't come back another day. yada yada yada. Yea I know we need rain to survive, but come on, not everyday. & that's exactly how it's been here in NY. Look at this madness:


Water everywhere!!! Thank God I wore sneakers today but the water ruined my payday/shopping experience. Now I'm all stuck in the house on a Friday night. Lemme stop frontin'...I don't have a damn place to go to lol. BUT, Missy and I do have plans for tomorrow so the last thing we need is rain. Speaking of Missy, she kept me entertained at work today sending me emails. Read this one:

Wtf do they have me @ this whack ass place feeling like a security guard (no im not a security guard im a school safety ass agent)...bored ass hell read almost every paper that was printed today
-Olympics full of lies
-Traffic agent died her unborn baby lives
-macys got a poppin sale
-dude found $100 and gave it back to the owner
-saks gotta shoe sale
-sex of museum exhibits is about the sex of animals :-/ dunno bout that

But thought I should blog to my bestie I mean what else do I have to do do ? NUTTIN=/

then to top it off, she attaches this pic to the email:

My poor baby :/
Don't worry PYT, lots of fun for us this weekend :)

So after I went shopping. Got some sneakers, sandals, and a shirt dress, I decided to take my ass home because the rain just wouldn't stop. But I was also craving a chicken sandwich from Mickey D's. Went there & this is what I found:

HAHAHAHHA!!!! okay I know it's mean to laugh at people, but really what made him think it would be okay to wear that bright ass GREEN shirt. He straight up looked like he usta sing back up for Luther Vandross...R.I.P Luther.

After that, I had seen enough and just couldn't take anymore of the outside world so I'm home now & happy about it.

Hopefully your day was a lot dryer than mine :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Current State of Mind: I'm A Fighter!!!

I'm a Fighter
by: Aaradhana

I'm a lady that comes with no chances
That means if I spot a sign of trouble you're gone
To many times before, seemed I always played the fool
How was I to know, I was young and Gullible
I let the guys play my heart as if it was a toy
I got respect for me, now is a new day.

Im gonna let you play the games on me
Because I got a better strategy
And if you ever cause depression whoa,
Then you'sa gotta go, go , go

I'ma fight the tears so my make-up, don't mess up
And I'ma fight the feelings i be wantin to call you
And I'ma fight you back, if you ever step to me,
Closin up the doors
Made it clear before,
Do me wrong, you go
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)

[Verse 2:]
Don't get me wrong i don't hate men,
I love 'em, but i just think that some should stop their problems
Some are confusers, users, abusers,
Some are just plain 'ol losers

Boy your silly games won't get away with me
I'm not the foolish girly that I used to be
Chuck it out the window, just like that
If your head is 'posed to be where it's at
Respect, i suggest you find out what it means

I'ma fight the tears so my make-up, don't mess up
And I'ma fight the feelings i be wantin to call you
And I'ma fight you back, if you ever step to me,
Closin up the doors
Made it clear before,
Do me wrong, you go
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)
'Cause I'm a fighter (whoa)

I am disappointed 'bout the way you treaten me
You're just another boot from the river
I'll find a better lover
Theres fishes in the sea
I'll keep on tryin yes, 'cause I'm a fighter yo
forgot your number already, I'm a fighter yo
No need to cry no more, already felt this before
I'm a fighter and I aint 'gon take you back fo'sho


I'll keep on tryin yes, 'cause I'm a fighter yo
forgot your number already, I'm a fighter yo
No need to cry no more, already felt this before
I'm a fighter and I aint 'gon take you back fo'sho

'Cause I'm a fighter
'Cause I'm a fighter

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just 1 of Dem Days...

Today was just another day. Actually my day off. Nothing grand happened. I just had a straight bum day. You know those, when you sit infront of the TV or computer screenn allllll day and do nothing. I'm not even ashamed of it, didn't even take a shower until tonight.

My day just consist of shopping (online), eating, all that jazz. Then I was all bored just text with a few people blah blah blah.

Best part of my day so far though:


I booked my ticket to VEGAS baby!!!! sooooo excited. As you guys may know the big 21st B-day is right around the corner. So i decided to do it big and I'm taking my ass to vegas.

Only thing is I've never been before, so if you guys have any suggestions on places I should go to, let me know mannnn

on a lighter note, how was your day?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Crazy Shit!!!!!!!

Okay so as you may all know, I have this ex boyfriend- you know the one I always write about. Anyhow, before when I am at work I always have my BlackBerry in my pocket. Sometimes I would pull it out and see that my phone called him. Theeennnnn... I would be super upset because I didn't want him to think I wanted to talk to him.

So....I decided to delete his number all together and even put my phone on lock so it wouldn't make any calls unless I put in my password. Here goes the story:

Today I'm at work and once again had my phone in my pocket. I take it out and OMG i called him again. wasn't even his name it was just the number dialed like 111-111-1111(demo #). Mind you, I haven't called him since july 4th, to get the blues, and I texted him about 3 weeks ago to attempt to get the blues again.

Therefore, his number was no where in my phone, no text or nothing.
So how did it dial its self?

Then he text me like:
him: did you call me just now?
Me: yea, my was in my pant
him: ok.


Some crazy shit right?
What ya'll think?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Randominess Pt2.

It's Monday morning & it's raining in BK. Kinda makes me not want to leave the house, but that job and my money calls. Oh wellzzzz at least I get to wear my cute new rain boots :) Check them out:


nice right?!?!

Speaking of shoes, look at my effin' closet:


OMG! Just realized it looked like that when I went to get my rain boots. Too many shoes I swear (& that's just a small part of it), but I love them...they are my therapy.

N.E. how...see the BLUE ones sticking out? YESSSSSSSSS I got them back!!! No idea what I'm talking about? Here ya go.

I finally got the blues back, WOOP WOOP!!!

It was painless enough. Went with my bestie which made it a lot easier, saw him, chilled with his mom and lil brother, then bounced. So glad that's all over. Infact, we can celebrate it later...that's an entire post in its self, right now we're just being random.

Speaking of the bestie, I welcome her to the blogging world. She's just getting started, but stop by and check her out:

I'm sure you'll enjoy her and her face :)

Besides all that stuff, the weekend was okay. Saturday was madddd cool. Went to a BBQ with the bestie, and Karrie was there. FUN!!! It was crazy how everyone there knew each other. Small ass world.

We then ventured off to one of the bestie's friend's BBQ but it wasn't poppin. Which lead us to Soho Dance Lab which was egh. Well the GHETTO ass people fighting at the end not the was on pt.

Would post some pics from this weekend but I was being nice, loaned my mom my camera, and then the bestie (Missy) forgot hers. & I was lookin' cute. Oh welllzzz.

Off I go to this thing I call a job.
What's your current randomness?

Friday, August 8, 2008

I've Got a Problem!

Okay so here it goes. My mom and her sister don't talk at all. If you ask me what the problem is, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Really I just think it's some stupid shit.

Anyhow, my mom has done so much for my aunt since she is the baby of the family. My mommy has taken her in, supported her, you know...treat her as a big sister should treat her little sister.

But like I said before, they don't speak to each other. I think it may sadden my mom so she made an attempt to call my aunt the other day. I guess she started the conversation off by saying her B-day was coming up soon and she was interested in renting out my aunt's boyfriend's club for it. She then moved into information about her resent marriage engagement.

A few hrs. later I get a call from my aunt. Here goes the convo:

Aunt: hey Ashmalli
Me: oh hey auntie ange, wats up?
Aunt: your mother called me today.
Me: really...that's nice.
Aunt: I don't know why she feels the need to call me.
Me: ahh, maybe she just wanted to talk.
Aunt: Yea, she was talking about her bday and her marriage engagement and really I don't care because i don't want to be apart of her life.
Me: (gettin' kinda tight)...ahhh so exactly what do u want me to tell her?
Aunt: If she needs the club, it's a business she doesn't need to call me and about her engagement, i don't really care. I don't want to be in here life right now.
Me: (officially tight as hell) Ahh..I'm gonna go phone is dying. CLICK!


So after i told my mommy and daddy all of this, they feel as though I shouldn't speak to my aunt anymore because after all, my mom was only trying to be nice and according to my mom, "you came from me and if anyone had a problem with your mom then you shouldn't wanna be nice to them."

But at the end of the day, she is my aunt and I'm not that type of person. Ya know? Like I couldn't just cut her off like that.

So I'm kinda lost as to what I should do. I have a 21st B-day dinner coming up and of course my mommy is gonna be there. I really wanted to invite my aunt but because of her present behavior I'm thinking I may not be able to.

so the question is:

Should I diss her because she played my mother HARD, or should I continue on with our aunt/niece relationship?

Monday, August 4, 2008

America's Hottest President


Found this mag cover of him somewhere and thought,"wow Da Barack could get it." Michele better watch out. He looks handsome in the pic doesn't he?

He gets the stamp of approval, America's Hottest President.

Ladies what ya think about him running your white house?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tues 2 Fri, wrapped up in 1 Post

Okay, I'm becoming a blogging delinquent. I think it's primarily due to me being a bit lethargic. But things have just been moving by so quickly. Come on, it's really August 3rd already. Where has the summer went? In a few weeks it'll be time for me to start off my Sr. year in college...Woop Woop.

So here goes a mini synopsis of Tues through Sat.


It was my bestie's little sister's Birtday, Mariah, she turned 12. So we took her to Dylans candy bar:



Mariah's candy box she made!!!


The bestie & I with the chocolate bunny


Bestie & the B-day girl, her sister.


Big ass kid in a candy store hehe.


The B-day Girl & I


The stairs were actually made out of candy. Yum yum..Neva wanted to lick the ground more in my life LOL.

Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen..yum yum, the bestie bought her sister a Wii for her B-day & the day was a wrap :)


Went to work as usual then chilled with Mr. Perspective who I'm beginning to think isn't a perspective at all anymore. Oh welllzzz...


Some more work where I was told my performance is slipping by our new boss of a week. Long ass story, won't even get into it. Just know, she needs to get like me.


IT'S PAY DAY BITCHES!!! that's always the best.


What a long ass day. I went to work, bought some shoes:

No place to wear them to really, my bestfriend has them so I was like why not. Needed to buy something, you know retail therapy :)

Then...I came home and got ready for my grandpa's B-day party/mother's engagement party. Another long story don't ask.

I'll let the pictures do the talking:


Myself, gramps, and his wife.


Kisses for my mommy


Of course the bestie made it :)


My grandpa & I, ♥ him!


Me rockin his righhhhtt?hehe

so I guess in short, the week was a REALLY GOOD ONE!
How have you been? :)