Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Crazy Shit!!!!!!!

Okay so as you may all know, I have this ex boyfriend- you know the one I always write about. Anyhow, before when I am at work I always have my BlackBerry in my pocket. Sometimes I would pull it out and see that my phone called him. Theeennnnn... I would be super upset because I didn't want him to think I wanted to talk to him.

So....I decided to delete his number all together and even put my phone on lock so it wouldn't make any calls unless I put in my password. Here goes the story:

Today I'm at work and once again had my phone in my pocket. I take it out and OMG i called him again. EXCEPT...it wasn't even his name it was just the number dialed like 111-111-1111(demo #). Mind you, I haven't called him since july 4th, to get the blues, and I texted him about 3 weeks ago to attempt to get the blues again.

Therefore, his number was no where in my phone, no text or nothing.
So how did it dial its self?

Then he text me like:
him: did you call me just now?
Me: yea, my bad...phone was in my pant
him: ok.


Some crazy shit right?
What ya'll think?

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Karma - maybe

A.M. said...

Well now I see why you said Karma since your postings today happen to reflect on the topic.

However, Karma for whom? Not me. I was nothing but the best girlfriend to that moron. So I assume you mean Karma for him? but how so?

Ms. Lovely said...

that's creepy..I would say maybe you had him in ur recent calls and hit that button but idk how those blackberries work. Plus u said you haven't called since the 4th..Anywho, he probably thinks you're being a stalker lol

Stew said...

is "the blues" sex?

A.M. said...

@ Ms. lovely
Nope. that was the puzzling part. No recent text, calls, nothing in the phone to have dialed his number. Don't think he thinks I'm being a stalker because i pay him no mind.

@ Stew
NOOOOOOOOOO way...sorry I don't do those. If you don't wanna be with me. There is no way you are gettin' ass for free. Remember the blues are my blue pumps i left at his house :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

for him jones
the moron
u good folk
thanks for the love and the drive by folk

P.N.* said...

yea so from now i will refer to sex as the blues! lmaoooo!

VEGAS--> me=:(.... go u!

~Ms.Flawless~ said...

lol thats some crazy ass shit...but i dont kno..,maybe its mean to be lol!!!! yea right shit i dont kni iam just talkin i kno ur like {FUKK NO}} lol!!!