Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just 1 of Dem Days...

Today was just another day. Actually my day off. Nothing grand happened. I just had a straight bum day. You know those, when you sit infront of the TV or computer screenn allllll day and do nothing. I'm not even ashamed of it, didn't even take a shower until tonight.

My day just consist of shopping (online), eating, all that jazz. Then I was all bored just text with a few people blah blah blah.

Best part of my day so far though:


I booked my ticket to VEGAS baby!!!! sooooo excited. As you guys may know the big 21st B-day is right around the corner. So i decided to do it big and I'm taking my ass to vegas.

Only thing is I've never been before, so if you guys have any suggestions on places I should go to, let me know mannnn

on a lighter note, how was your day?

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Cat Hill said...

My day was pretty mellow and quite I wish I was going to vegas... My parents are going on a cruise starting in Miami, I'm so Jealous even though they deserve it...anywhoo thanks 4 the comments girl on my blog I like your blog too keep coming back...deuces!!!

The Love Collective said...

Cool blog. Just stopping by to show some love.

Ms. Lovely said...

I been having bum days for the last couple days..smh

And enjoy your 21st..I spent mine snowed in ;(

Day Dreams of a PYT said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy we're going to vegas Can't wait!!!

A.M. said...

@ Cat hill

I LOVE MIAMI. yea, you are missing out. I hope my trip to vegas this yr is half as fun as my trip was to MIA last yr.

@ the love collective
Why thank you, I will be sure to stop by.

@ Ms. Lovely
aww man...that sucks. I'll try to live it up for us both :)

@ Day dreams of a pyt

& u know this man. U know my co worker had the nerve to say to me, we should take pics. daaammmn. He must not know bout us lol.

i.can't.complain. said...

i heart bum days

wish i could have a week of them

ure going to vegas

thats hot


Luxury said...

=O Omg luckkyyy. Have fun in Vegas & I hope you have an awesome birthday- which you will because you'll be in Vegas. & take tons of pictures of like everything lol so I could see how wonderful it was.

A.M. said...

@ I can't complain
Actually having another bummy day right now. Gotta love that Sunday/no work deal :)
As for vegas...yes I am super excited.

Don't worry, I got you. I am a total picture whore hehe :)