Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dia of Thanks!!!

Funny I was just talking about Charlie Brown this morning &&&&&&&&&&&& he's a part of the GOOGLE sign.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Randomness :/

Blogging via the blackberry, nothing really important to say except...let's see...I'm still alive.
Ummm...I'm looking forward to seeing the Google sign on Thurs, yea I know I'm a major lame lol.
Currently listening to the radio and I noticed that I don't know the words to any of the songs...sad man! I'm usually up on my lyric shittt lol. School has really got me under it's belt.
Anyhow, hope you guys are all doing well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Reflection...

OH-M-GEE!!!! Where have I been right? sigh! Haven't really blogged since my birthday back in September...2 months ago. A bit has changed since then...Shall we start from the most important?!

I'm currently finishing up my FINAL TEMPLE EXPERIENCE & I'm loving it. When the semester started I was excited to get it over with, but as the time wares on I'm realizing that my college life will be over in a month, and that's it :/... :-)
My classes, like I shared before are Aerobics, American Lit 2, tennis, World literature( my senior sem class), and Law in American Society.

I bitched about Aerobics in the beginning but that class is so BITCHING lol ♥ it. I get my work out in man. American Lit 2 I could actually do w/o it but since it is a requirement for my major, I have no choice. As far as tennis goes, yo I'm bout to take Serena Williams out LOL...Not so much, but never the less the class is crazy fun and my game has improved. My Law class is okay, just a lot to remember. World Literature...HAWTT!!!! I'm actually enjoying writing my senior paper of 25 pages. I'm covering this novel...


Over all in the class we're studying authors who write cosmopolitan novels, ie world literature. I choose Adichie because I felt most connected to her and her Nigerian experience :-)

Besides school I'm just on my work grind... hoping to be promoted at my job once I gradute and head back to NYC. Don't really go home much though because I'm focused on what I need to get done here.

I think my friendships are suffering a bit, but it's all for the best right? They will have me back in a month.

Relationships? The boyfriend and I broke up a day after my birthday. Maybe I'll share that at another time...& so it goes :/

Living my dream. Besides all that. I found this song that is currently playing on my blog, I Choose You by Ryan Leslie.. ♥ it.

Where is that guy?! the one who will CHOOSE ME? I think I might just know... or maybe I don't hmm...

Gonna check your blog out now! Here I come!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's The Cookie Monster!!!

Haven't been around in awhile. Lots to share, but no time to share it :/

Cool GOOGLE sign though :)

Photobucket :)