Friday, March 28, 2008

Serious M.I.A.-ness

sooo....I've seriously been gone all month. I know some serious M.I.A.-nessIn short I had the flu, been at work, been at school, meeting new people, loosing old ones...U know how it all goes. So I decided to take the month off of blogging. HOWEVER, and this is a big one. Look out for April because it's going to be an interestingly fun one. Let's see, it's my Missy's birthday-can't wait to celebrate with her, my dad is coming to visit-yay, I miss my daddy. Jessica comes to visit after that, and before you know it, May will be here.
I've kinda been disappointed with myself lately. I'm usually picture happy and I haven't taken any pictures in months...what is up with that?!?! So to go along with my many events of April, there shall be lots of new pics and a new look to the blog. I'm kinda excited, stop frontin', u know u are too.
See you all in April

Saturday, March 1, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Hate/Love Being Grown Up!

It's 10:26 on a Sat morning and I've been up since 8 Am. Do I have some place to go? Do I have something to do? Of course not. IT's SATURDAY! Yet I've been up just sitting in this pink/orange domain I call my room, in my bed, for the last 2 and 1/2 hours. Which brings me to 10 Reasons Why I Hate/Love Being Grown Up. So let’s start with the hate part:

1.The body alarm of waking up early for no reason.
- When I was little, Saturday was the day to sleep in, now I can't even sleep pass 8 anymore, not even if I wanted to.

2. I got payed yesterday, and my check is gone.
- Seriously man, my entire check went to my freaking Bills. All I got out of the deal was a cashmere turtle neck from Club Monaco...It's hot though :)

3. Paying Rent.
- This one just stems off of the paying bills part. I remember when I could just live at home for free and sponge off of my mom. Those were the days. sigh

4. Having to go to work every day.
- Seriously, somedays when I wake up, I just wanna stay home. But then I remember, if I want to maintain having a home, I need to pick my ass up & go to work.

5. The realization that guys are really assholes.
- Seriously, when I was a little girl, maybe even up until high school I thought guys were cool. Now, they have just turned into cheating, lying bastards.

6. Dealing with people who are struggling to be grown up EMOTIONALLY
- OMG this is the worst kind. People my age who still act like their 9 and bitch about everything. Don't talk to me.

7. Being away from my mommy
- Come on, seriously! Growing up I’ve always been with my mom. But me being away at school, that doesn't happen quite often.

8. Having those fights grown up people have.
- You know when you're little and you fight with your friends, literally 10 minutes later you're over it. Being grown up, people just hold so much malice, never letting it go.

9. Cooking for Myself
- awww...I so miss my mommy's food. No one can do it like her, not even me.


But then again, they’re some cool things about being grown up such as:

1. Being Independent.
- So I know I said it sucks. But it's nice too. Being able to make my own decisions and living my life the way I want to.

2. Not having to say, "Mommy, I'm going out."
- Only cause she always said no lol. It's nice being a way and doing whatever the hell I want.

3. Getting a Paycheck
- Yes so even though I have to spend it on all those bills, it's still a very good feeling knowing I can buy what I want.

4. Having grown up relationships
- I like being able to love, hate, laugh, respect, and make up with the people in my life whom I love. Because really, in the end it just makes the relationship grow.

5. Being able to say what I want...
-...4 the most You know when you were little and your elders said stuff and you just had to take that shit...I mean I'm still respectful but it's nice to voice my opinions every once in awhile. And for the people my age, don't try to censor me...that shit isn't cool. You ain't my mama....

I can't think past five cause really there ain't that many reasons why I like being grown up. I don't really drink, I don't smoke, and I hardly party so can't add those to the list.

So on that note, it's now 11:18 and I've been sitting in my bed for 3 hrs. I think I shall venture out and experience the city of Brotherly Love. Or just do some HW...there is always tons of that to do :/ Maybe call the Rents. Who knows? I'm out!

Oh yea, what do you hate/love about being grown Up?