Friday, March 28, 2008

Serious M.I.A.-ness

sooo....I've seriously been gone all month. I know some serious M.I.A.-nessIn short I had the flu, been at work, been at school, meeting new people, loosing old ones...U know how it all goes. So I decided to take the month off of blogging. HOWEVER, and this is a big one. Look out for April because it's going to be an interestingly fun one. Let's see, it's my Missy's birthday-can't wait to celebrate with her, my dad is coming to visit-yay, I miss my daddy. Jessica comes to visit after that, and before you know it, May will be here.
I've kinda been disappointed with myself lately. I'm usually picture happy and I haven't taken any pictures in months...what is up with that?!?! So to go along with my many events of April, there shall be lots of new pics and a new look to the blog. I'm kinda excited, stop frontin', u know u are too.
See you all in April

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