Friday, August 8, 2008

I've Got a Problem!

Okay so here it goes. My mom and her sister don't talk at all. If you ask me what the problem is, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Really I just think it's some stupid shit.

Anyhow, my mom has done so much for my aunt since she is the baby of the family. My mommy has taken her in, supported her, you know...treat her as a big sister should treat her little sister.

But like I said before, they don't speak to each other. I think it may sadden my mom so she made an attempt to call my aunt the other day. I guess she started the conversation off by saying her B-day was coming up soon and she was interested in renting out my aunt's boyfriend's club for it. She then moved into information about her resent marriage engagement.

A few hrs. later I get a call from my aunt. Here goes the convo:

Aunt: hey Ashmalli
Me: oh hey auntie ange, wats up?
Aunt: your mother called me today.
Me: really...that's nice.
Aunt: I don't know why she feels the need to call me.
Me: ahh, maybe she just wanted to talk.
Aunt: Yea, she was talking about her bday and her marriage engagement and really I don't care because i don't want to be apart of her life.
Me: (gettin' kinda tight)...ahhh so exactly what do u want me to tell her?
Aunt: If she needs the club, it's a business she doesn't need to call me and about her engagement, i don't really care. I don't want to be in here life right now.
Me: (officially tight as hell) Ahh..I'm gonna go phone is dying. CLICK!


So after i told my mommy and daddy all of this, they feel as though I shouldn't speak to my aunt anymore because after all, my mom was only trying to be nice and according to my mom, "you came from me and if anyone had a problem with your mom then you shouldn't wanna be nice to them."

But at the end of the day, she is my aunt and I'm not that type of person. Ya know? Like I couldn't just cut her off like that.

So I'm kinda lost as to what I should do. I have a 21st B-day dinner coming up and of course my mommy is gonna be there. I really wanted to invite my aunt but because of her present behavior I'm thinking I may not be able to.

so the question is:

Should I diss her because she played my mother HARD, or should I continue on with our aunt/niece relationship?

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Stew said...

it depends on what you want you birthday dinner to be like. if you want it to be nice and relaxed then you should not invite her.

but if you desire a very uncomfortable powder keg then you will inviter her. imagine holding an open flame next to a tub of gasoline and dynamite and one false move will set the whole thing ablaze. that's what it will be like if she is there because she sounds pretty salty.

also if something does go down, it will probably ruin your dinner and you do not want that to happen

One Eighteen said...

to answer your question, it really all depends on who is at fault. but you say that you dont know what the conflict is so you're in an extra hard position. and when you're in a position like that, the only thing you can really do is ask yourself, do you love your auntie more than your momma??? i mean if it was me, im always gonna choose my momma over ANYBODY. To me its not even a question. You only get 1 momma in your life.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Why is it that the youngest sibling out of all the children end up being the ass holes of the family. I am most defintely not calling your aunt an ass hole because who's to say she is at fault over her and your mothers situation. But in most cases that I have witnessed and heard about, the ass hole of the family is usually the youngest child.

Idk what beef your aunt has against your mother especially after your mother looked out for her but I can picture something like that happening between my younger sister and I in the future because she is a spoiled ass hole that refuses to grow up.

I just hope you enjoy your birthday dinner because its all about you on that night.

i.can't.complain. said...

i would just tell her u'd appreciate it she didn't disrespect your mom

especially to go out of her way 2 call u

to talk smack about your mom

their beef is just that


if auntie is bitter and can't keep u out of the middle of the mess

then im sure u taking a little break from her

would be a nice idea

just my opinion


A.M. said...

@ stew
yea I agree with you. I don't think she will be invited. & if i decide on speaking to her, I will probably have to do something different with her for my bday.

@ one eighteen

My mommy always comes first. I mean she gets on my nerve all the time, but at the end of the day she is my mom & when my aunt said that stuff i seriously wanted to smack her through the phone.

@ Taryn
U R SOOOO RIGHT!!! smaller siblings are always like that, a pain in the ass. & no one in the family likes her, so I think she needs to start realizing it's just her fault

@ i.can't.complain.
Thank you so much for responding and yea, I agree with everything you said. She could have def told my mom what she needed to. I guess we will see how things all pan out

Day Dreams of a PYT said...

Hey Bestie whats the dealy..Im n e way u know how I feel about ya mom sooooo Auntie might have to miss out in sept unless she realize that u just have to let some things go sometimes (no need to poor my heart out on this when I see u face to face like every day) ;-) luv ya!

karrie b. said...

ughh. just try ur best not to get caught up in the crossfire dearie. stay WAY out. let them handle their own drama...


K@LiENTe said...

I SO FEEL u on this fam has been drama'd out lately...i stay out of it....but i'm not gonna start speaking to them because of it...maybe a break would be ppl don't call me though talkin shat..maybe cuz they know how i am:) LMAO i can be a super bytch! good luck wit that mamaz

A.M. said...

ur biased LMAO. You just love mommy's goat curry...My bad curry goat lol.

@ Karrie B.
Yea, I am staying out of it. But when she called me it really made me mad. Like how you gon call someone talking shit about thier mom.

@ K@liente

LOL. Yea, maybe she called because everyone knows I'm nice. I'm getting over the situation, so I'll probably talk to her, just not invite her to my Bday dinner & do something with just her and I.