Sunday, August 17, 2008

Much 2 tired...

Much too tried to blog. Actually had an eventful day but documenting it would be much too long. How are you guys enjoying your weekend thus far?
Blog ya tomorrow :)

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B said...

Hope that you are having a wonderful weeeeekend!!

Kiara said...

Well as you saw from my weekend sucks, lol. And thank you so much for the advice. Like 14 and 18 is a big difference but he's not pressurin me to do anything...we haven't really talked about going out or nothin like that yet...we just like eachother. And haha, my mom says the same thing about my dad even though he's in his fourties now, lol. But I don't want my brother to feel like I care more about other dudes than i do for him because that's totally not true. I'd just rather have the experience and learn from it (whther it turns out good or bad) than thinking back on the situtation like "What if..."

allienicole said...

girl... my sat nite was so fun i am just now getting out of bed at 5pm! shambles!

A.M. said...

@ B
it was Semi okay. I did some stuff :)

You're welcome. N e Time. hope everything works out.

Ahh it def sounds fun. 5pm? hehe