Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Day Off- What shall I do?

So today I have a day off and I've been up since about nine just blogging. Finally gonna make this post and then get up. Gotta do some things around the house. You know, laundry, cleaning, and then I'm off to chilling with the bestie. She text me this morning from work saying Solange is having a free concert today in NYC at 5 so we're gonna be in there like swim wear. I guess it's the closest I'm gonna get to Ms. Beyonce for a while :/lol

Need to look some internships up as well, so off I go. Be sure to tell you guys all about it later


3 inspirations:

Ms. Lovely said...

free concerts are the best..makes me wish I lived in NY..enjoy the day off!

kmx. said...

Free?! Luckyy girlss. =]
Have fun! Enjoy the day off and good luck with finding an internship! =]

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i love anything free!!!!

have fun!

i love this song girlie