Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tues 2 Fri, wrapped up in 1 Post

Okay, I'm becoming a blogging delinquent. I think it's primarily due to me being a bit lethargic. But things have just been moving by so quickly. Come on, it's really August 3rd already. Where has the summer went? In a few weeks it'll be time for me to start off my Sr. year in college...Woop Woop.

So here goes a mini synopsis of Tues through Sat.


It was my bestie's little sister's Birtday, Mariah, she turned 12. So we took her to Dylans candy bar:



Mariah's candy box she made!!!


The bestie & I with the chocolate bunny


Bestie & the B-day girl, her sister.


Big ass kid in a candy store hehe.


The B-day Girl & I


The stairs were actually made out of candy. Yum yum..Neva wanted to lick the ground more in my life LOL.

Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen..yum yum, the bestie bought her sister a Wii for her B-day & the day was a wrap :)


Went to work as usual then chilled with Mr. Perspective who I'm beginning to think isn't a perspective at all anymore. Oh welllzzz...


Some more work where I was told my performance is slipping by our new boss of a week. Long ass story, won't even get into it. Just know, she needs to get like me.


IT'S PAY DAY BITCHES!!! that's always the best.


What a long ass day. I went to work, bought some shoes:

No place to wear them to really, my bestfriend has them so I was like why not. Needed to buy something, you know retail therapy :)

Then...I came home and got ready for my grandpa's B-day party/mother's engagement party. Another long story don't ask.

I'll let the pictures do the talking:


Myself, gramps, and his wife.


Kisses for my mommy


Of course the bestie made it :)


My grandpa & I, ♥ him!


Me rockin his righhhhtt?hehe

so I guess in short, the week was a REALLY GOOD ONE!
How have you been? :)

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Stew said...

that girl teeth gonna fall out from all that candy. and i dont know why, but that chocolate bunny looks scary. like it wants to kill someone

P.N.* said...

ooohhh look at desiree! and you thought u were flyy.

'she get it from her mama'

A.M. said...

@ Stew
LOL..well I got a big ol jar myself. & I eat out of it once in awhile. That was almost 2 weeks ago and I still have a lot left.

@ P.N.
Yep that's is pretty fly :)

Day Dreams of a PYT said...

How bout all my candy is GONE :-(

Anonymous said...

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