Monday, August 18, 2008

Photobucket is a BITCH!!!

So I actually had a lot of things to share today but my pictures refuse to upload to photobucket & it just won't be the same w/o the pics. So I decided to go a different route.

I absolutely love these goes hehe:

Target's Back to College

LOL I love the dancing in this video seriously makes me want to go to Target and stock up

Sears: Don't just go back, arrive!

Okay I never shop at Sears, infact I just may think it's the whackest store ever. However, this commercial has got me wanting to go in there and get every outfit Vanessa wears. So, I'm thinking Sears is gonna be bringing in the bucks this back to school season because if I can hardly resist is some 13 yr. old girl gonna be able to? lol.

T.I.-Whatever You Like

Alrighty so everyone knows that Beyonce is my female crush and no one comes before her. But I've had this secret obsession with T.I. for some while now. MY God, his swag is seriously hurting them, Can I have his babies now lol.

6 inspirations:

Ms. Lovely said...

I love that Target commercial 2! And I was trying to avoid that TI video but his little midget behind is sexy..I can't deny it lol

karrie b. said...

lol. i love the target joint too...


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u and tar ge't dont fit lol

A.M. said...

@ Ms. Lovely
I know gurrrl he sure is right?! lol

@Karrie B.

yep yep :)

why not? lol

TimahTimah said...

yo i loooove that target commercial I was tellin quiana about it for mad long fiendin for her to see it. and T.I. T.I T.I. ok u get it. and um did the black girl get served by the white girl cuz the white girl was killin it lol

-Q. said...

A.M. shoot me a memo about this TI thing.. Swag is overrated to me so i really dont get it lol..