Thursday, August 21, 2008

How was the Concert?

So the concert actually turned out to be dope. Solange, Michelle Williams, Some dude name Chosen-he was whack- & Terrance Howards. Took a lot of pics for you guys, even did some video- promise to get it up as soon as possible.

As for now, I'm going 2 bed. Work in the morning, and I had a long day.

Smooches ;)

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arychtexas said...

Solange? i still havent heard her new song. Michelle Williams can sing but she never dropped an rnb album her last one was gospel

Cat Hill said...

I like Solange she's alittle different but I like it, I also like Michelle's personality...oh yea I added u 2 my blog!!!

Stew said...

solange is ugly to me

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sleep well princess

A.M. said...


you should listen to her new stuff, her voice has matured a lot. Michelle was in BORING SMH.

@ Cat Hill

Thanks for the add dear :)

Nah man, she was very very pretty. I wanted to rip her dress off her and wear it to one of my bday events lol.

@ Torrance
It's weird you call me that cause my fav guy friend who also lives in ATL calls me princess :)

Eb the Celeb said...

LMAO... I was there... yeah that dude chosen was hella whack and gay... did you see how he was skipping across the stage and then talmbout all my ladies sing... I was dying laughing...

I started saying womp womp and point to the right hoping the apollo sand man would come out and take him off the stage... whew...

Now Solange and Michelle rocked it... rocked rocked it... I was pleasantly surprised by both their performances...

Terrance Howard was an angry something... especially on his first song shine through it... I left right after he sang Beautiful because I just wasnt feeling it

Luxury said...

yayyy photos!! *waits*

karrie b. said...

solange had a concert?


A.M. said...

@ Eb:
that's crazy. Small word huh?! But it was cool :)


The pics have arrived!!! :)

Yea...u missed it :) LOL but no worries I have it covered for u :)