Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ain't No Feelin' Like Being Free

This is exactly how I feel. I woke up this morning with a big ass smile on my face. On my way to work-more train thinking- I realized how I just haven't been myself over the last 3 yrs. Sure my mom knows who I am and my best friend knows who I am, but the person I was in a relationship with never knew. When we first met it was the ending of high school and I was purer that the Virgin Mary- WORD!!! Didn't do anything. No parties, drinking, cursing, nothing. But of course I went to college and my point of views changed on a lot of things. Religion, family, friendship, and especially men.

These point of views are the ones I carry with me today. However, I had a fear of loosing this guy- stupid shit, yea I know- so I never was that person I truly was. Therefore, it was a miserable situation. I wasn't even my goofy, weirdo, Guyanese self lol.

But now things are different. I feel enlightened and all I want to be is a little bit more like me. I'm so proud of the woman I have turned out to be thus far & I wouldn't change me for the world.

So yes, I am doing everything I ever wanted to do, yes I will wear what my heart desires, yes I will tell you how I feel if necessary, and yes I am gonna be
A² to the fullest.

Side note: By no means do I want you to read this as something relevant to some guy I usta see. This is simply me embracing the me that I've become, the me that I love :)

6 inspirations:

Mel said...

I love that DC3 song! I blast it from time to time

Stew said...

it is always good to see someone embracing themselves

Cat Hill said...

Like you told me, keep being you :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i will drank to that

A.M. said...

@ Mel
Yea me too..they really speak on it in that one!!!

@ Stew
Thanks man...gotta do it ya know.

& u know this mannnnn lol.


Sexxy Luv said...

We all forget who we are when dealing with others, thank god you realized it early on...

My sister and i were talking and she was saying she has lost who she is @ the age of 32... I feel bad for her, but i told her it's never to late to learn.