Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Randominess Pt.3- Mad Sh*T

Okay so I haven't been around in two days. That's just really because photobucket was acting up. Anyhow, what's new? side note: MY MOM IS ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME AS I CURRENTLY TYPE!!!

but like I was saying, just a bunch of randomness lately. Most Importantly, I was reading the New York 2 days ago.


The article pretty much spoke on the topic of race. You know, how people act as if it no longer exist in this particular political race for president but it obviously does. According to the article, "it's a race consumed by race." Although our fare Barak has got the young, minority, and white woman Caucasian vote, the older Caucasian man just won't along with the "uneducated pale face voter"-because you know they're just ignorant. But I suggest you read up on it, cool article. On to the next...

So the reason I was even reading that article was because I went to Rite Aid. Needed to get a new tooth brush cause the one in my house just miraculously disappeared. I was really tempted to get this one...


hehe. But I just couldn't because, come on it was a kiddy one and the brush was too small. I really wanted to though :)

More randomness. Don't I look pretty in the box???


A certain someone came over my house, reference "Getting 2 know me(section 2 things I wanna do right now)" if you're that interested in knowing who, and put me in a box SMH. It was fun though and mad comfortable. I know I'm a weirdo hehe.

But even more weird than me is this pic the bestie PTY sent me.


Incase you were wondering, this dude's final request was to be standing up at his funeral...VERY FREAKY...Yikes!!!

Other than all that madness, I'm just chillin. School starts in less than 2 weeks. Can you believe it??! AHHHHHH!!! But even better, my B-day is in 3weeks and so is Vegas. Been doing all sorts of shopping for it. SO excited, but I guess you can tell.

What you guys been up to's life? I wanna know :)

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TimahTimah said...

I wanna go to Vegas sooo bad I wish I could go for New Years. Have Fun. check my blog for updates on my life lol and uhhh that funeral very freaky

B said...

I'm so over this election and the whole "race" bit. Cry me a river, White America. Chile, don't get me started. LOL!

Are you a Hello Kitty fan too? Um, yeahhhh..I actually own that toothbrush!! LOL! I keep it in my travel case. I'm gonna need them to make bigger brushes for us big kids.

A birthday in Vegas!! I can dig it! I may do the same for my b-day in January!!

Stew said...

either that box is really big, or you are really small.

by the looks of it i would guess the latter

A.M. said...

@ timahtimah

Aww man...wish I knew I would have invited you. But I'll be sure to tell you about everywhere I went so when you do go, you can have a great time :)


Yea, the election is crazy, but I'm happy with his choice of running mate.

Not so much, but I like anything thats gurlie...and Hello Kitty def is.

@ stew:
yea I'm just little lol