Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

...How about you don't come back another day. yada yada yada. Yea I know we need rain to survive, but come on, not everyday. & that's exactly how it's been here in NY. Look at this madness:


Water everywhere!!! Thank God I wore sneakers today but the water ruined my payday/shopping experience. Now I'm all stuck in the house on a Friday night. Lemme stop frontin'...I don't have a damn place to go to lol. BUT, Missy and I do have plans for tomorrow so the last thing we need is rain. Speaking of Missy, she kept me entertained at work today sending me emails. Read this one:

Wtf do they have me @ this whack ass place feeling like a security guard (no im not a security guard im a school safety ass agent)...bored ass hell read almost every paper that was printed today
-Olympics full of lies
-Traffic agent died her unborn baby lives
-macys got a poppin sale
-dude found $100 and gave it back to the owner
-saks gotta shoe sale
-sex of museum exhibits is about the sex of animals :-/ dunno bout that

But thought I should blog to my bestie I mean what else do I have to do do ? NUTTIN=/

then to top it off, she attaches this pic to the email:

My poor baby :/
Don't worry PYT, lots of fun for us this weekend :)

So after I went shopping. Got some sneakers, sandals, and a shirt dress, I decided to take my ass home because the rain just wouldn't stop. But I was also craving a chicken sandwich from Mickey D's. Went there & this is what I found:

HAHAHAHHA!!!! okay I know it's mean to laugh at people, but really what made him think it would be okay to wear that bright ass GREEN shirt. He straight up looked like he usta sing back up for Luther Vandross...R.I.P Luther.

After that, I had seen enough and just couldn't take anymore of the outside world so I'm home now & happy about it.

Hopefully your day was a lot dryer than mine :)

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Meanshots22 said...

lol. that shirt is an unforgivable idea. bu i hope the rain goes away

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

id give it back too
only fuck boys and thieves think loot is more imprtant than integrity
miss me sister
i know u aint lol

Kiara said...

Aww, I wish I was there. Rain makes me happy =)
Love your blog too! Thanks for the feedback! Linkin ya.

dressed said...

I am going to be moving to NY soon. Do you stay in your own apartment? And my only limiting factor that's scaring me is the cost of living?!?! Do ya get paid more?

A.M. said...

YAY it did go away. Hasn't rained this weekend thus far :)

I always look forward to your comments on my blog. So of course I missed ya ;)

Well Rain doesn't make me happy lol. I hate the feelin of taking a shower when I'm not in th shower. GRoss. But thanks, and I'll be sure to visit your blog again.

I actually live with my mom in BK. I go to college in Philly so I have an apt there. Yes, we do get paid more here but it doesn't matter because chances are the cost of living is more than where you are from. You will probably def be needing a room mate...That's what I plan on doing after college when I move back. Good luck with everything :)

~Ms.Flawless~ said...

so what the hell u takin pictures of random people...u dont kno and crackin on a {weirdo}!!!

P.N.* said...

you own sneakers?
wtf? brand new u?

A.M. said...

@ Ms Flawless:
Because I can

@ PN
Yea mann...I have pink and white air maz 95s and I just got some black.white.and gray ones last week as well :)

Chailyn said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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