Monday, August 11, 2008

Randominess Pt2.

It's Monday morning & it's raining in BK. Kinda makes me not want to leave the house, but that job and my money calls. Oh wellzzzz at least I get to wear my cute new rain boots :) Check them out:


nice right?!?!

Speaking of shoes, look at my effin' closet:


OMG! Just realized it looked like that when I went to get my rain boots. Too many shoes I swear (& that's just a small part of it), but I love them...they are my therapy.

N.E. how...see the BLUE ones sticking out? YESSSSSSSSS I got them back!!! No idea what I'm talking about? Here ya go.

I finally got the blues back, WOOP WOOP!!!

It was painless enough. Went with my bestie which made it a lot easier, saw him, chilled with his mom and lil brother, then bounced. So glad that's all over. Infact, we can celebrate it later...that's an entire post in its self, right now we're just being random.

Speaking of the bestie, I welcome her to the blogging world. She's just getting started, but stop by and check her out:

I'm sure you'll enjoy her and her face :)

Besides all that stuff, the weekend was okay. Saturday was madddd cool. Went to a BBQ with the bestie, and Karrie was there. FUN!!! It was crazy how everyone there knew each other. Small ass world.

We then ventured off to one of the bestie's friend's BBQ but it wasn't poppin. Which lead us to Soho Dance Lab which was egh. Well the GHETTO ass people fighting at the end not the was on pt.

Would post some pics from this weekend but I was being nice, loaned my mom my camera, and then the bestie (Missy) forgot hers. & I was lookin' cute. Oh welllzzz.

Off I go to this thing I call a job.
What's your current randomness?

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Stew said...

my randomness

saw the third Mummy movie. it was not all that great

i love watching the olympics GO USA!!

i have been drunk in a while

that's pretty random right?

A.M. said...

@ stew

Yep! Pretty random lol :)

Ms. Lovely said...

i need a cute pair of rainboots..and those electric blue pumps are poppin!

my randomness:

i got drunk this weekend

cried like a baby

I started to drive by my ex house to see if he was home. I didn't.

One Eighteen said...

answered your question over on my page


Day Dreams of a PYT said...

So heres my Randomness

On the way home on the 3 train from getting tix (blogged about it today...smh)

Saw this cute baby sitting across from me with his dad (awww)

He called me momma and reached out for me (double awww)

Daddy's like no thats not momma (smirk on his face)

Baby getting restless trying to get to me with his hands out (im like ok his momma fine if she look like me)

Get off the train and look down my damn shirt unbuttoned itself exposing my bra (need I say more)


Homeboy could have told me ,but then again he prob thought I meant to do that...smh

Random enough for

A.M. said...

& Ms. Lovely
GURRLL thank god u didn't. Drinks is all good, but it make you wanna do crazy stuff hun

@one eighteen
I'm on my way ova to ya spot to read why right now :)

HAHAHAHHAHA LMFAO at u HARDDDDD LOL....yes that is def random enough for me. but that's so cute that he called you momma..aww :)

One Eighteen said...

haha a seahorse? they dont do nothin


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang folk
shoe closet look like NO after Katrina

boots tight though