Sunday, August 24, 2008

Been Gone 4 a Min...

...Now I'm back with the jump off LOL. Sorry guys, having a silly moment. But no really, haven't been on since Thursday. Quite a bit has happened. Personally-loooooong asss story and def for a more serious moment. But besides that stuff. I've got the pics from the FREEEE 99 concert I went to on Thurday.

So like I was saying before, the concert consist of Solange, Michelle Williams, Terrance Howard, and some other lame.

But before, it started I was sitting there chillin' & you guys know some people just be begging for you to take a picture of this woman:


she dead ass had her ass all up in my face!! GROSS!

Then their was this old dude sitting next to me:


He dead ass brung his binoculars w/ him

Thennnn....this one old man was dancing mad hard:


you would have thought he was Solange's Granddaddy hehe

But after all that pre-show entertainment...Solange finally came on, and actually did well.

She was soo pretty and I straight up wanted to steal her dress for my Sept birthday celebrations lol.
Even had a video for you guys of her doing, "I Decided":

She is just a lot better these days vocally, so you go girl.

Michelle on the other hand, wasn't so great in my opinion.

Then to top it off they introduced a new artist name Chosen:

He was a mess. His dancing, his singing, and him obviously trying to hide the fact that he was gay. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with gay folks at all, but don't get up on stage using "she, her" pronouns when it's obvious you clearly like men SMH. Needless you say, he got booed.

On to the next, Terrance Howard-also known as Terry now- performed:

I actually liked his songs. Lots of good meanings to them...especially "Shine Through It." Check it out:

Good Job Terry!

& at the end of the day, it was simply a beautiful day in the NYC :)


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Andre said...

On MTO they had a question, who would you rather see in concert.. Sole-angel or Michelle Williams?
I really couldn't decide a'tall.

Anyways that old man looked like he was dancing all for you! LOL

Terrance howard the actor? Unless I'm thinking of someone else he's jammin on some real smoove type ish!

P.N.* said...

yea so im hating as i type because i needed to be at that show! and as for t. howard and that other guy "Please!" and i say that in my utmost Rihanna-"Take A Bow"-voice!

*ttyl malli-malli ;)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

glad u back hon, kinda of missed u, but glad u had a ball and u wrong for the lady in that pink skirt lol

Cat Hill said...

Hey girlie thanks for the blog add, of course I've already added u so we're blog The concert looked like it was good...hey it was free or 99 cent rather but anyways I could just imagine what Michelle I mentioned before love her personality not her voice lol!!!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

hey, wacky people make experiences way better. lol.....i never could get with michelles voice. she can sing, but its raspy to the ears

Sass said...

you shoulda kicked that lady right in her arse! lol

Don said...

Ol' boy looks like he was about to break out into one of those old school Doctor Dre& Ed Lover dances. LOL. Damn, Solange is fine as hell now.

Melody.Darlene said...

solange is so underrated! i dont care what no one says! i fux with solange's new music!

A.M. said...

@ Andre

I would go with Solange, she is much more entertaining. I do like Michelle though, she just needs better material.

Dancin' for me..nah B lol

YEEEESSSS, he was actually really good. I liked all his songs.

Yea man...she was good. But I like Terrance H. He was good. Give him a chance, you might like.

@ Torrance

Why thank you. It feels good to be missed. But if she had kept her ass out my face, her pic wouldn't currently be on my blog.

@ Cat Hill

It was free my dear, but I do like Michelle as I was saying on my blog, she just needs better material.

@ Taryn

Yea...they sure do lol. & those people were whacked out.

@ Sass
Yea I should have right? lol

@ Don
Yes...she is really pretty. Straight up wanted to take her dress off of was so cute.

@ Melody

I second that :)

Ms. Lovely said...

lmao@ Chosen. I witnessed one of those "gay performers" I think his name was Rico or something. Talmbout he "Loves the way she moves.." or some nonsense. CHILE PLEASE! You are gay sir!