Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Can Hate Me Now...

For everyone who expects this from me here goessss


Happy St. Patty's Day Guuuyyyss

To be honest though, I didn't even know it was St. Patricks Day until I got to work around 12, SMH. Today was kind of a sucky day. I went to school, that was okay except I felt sick all day, until I went to work. Work always makes me feel better, I know crazzy right?! Except, when I got there the drama started to unfold.

So I have this blonde co-worker who got the job because she knows our District Manager. She get hours no one else gets, well except for me cause I'm so great hahaa, and has been flaunting around for the last two weeks.

Anyhow, I am usually our top seller, but it doesn't matter to me because we get NOTHING for that. Well this little lady came and got to be top seller because I went away for 4 days remember? I came back to work and obviously regained my spot. You know what this heffa did, told my manager that I stole her sale of a suit.


Nah, homey you got the wrong one. I told my manager straight up, "I asked him if anyone helped him, he said no, and I put it under the house number which is certainly not my number." What a sore loser. I hate stuff like that because I am always on the go at work and I work hard because I'm a sociable person who loves to help others. Now Imma be at work tomorrow with the ill tude like, "let's see who is gonna sell $4,000 for ya ass in one day now!"


Remember these quotes I gave from back in Jaunary...

The next time u have an opportunity to be offended, think of it as an opportunity to develop your character

When u allow what someone says to offend u, you're giving away your power.

I am certainly not going to give away my power. In fact, this inspires me. Now I'm gonna do even better, luvs it :)

like my homey Mase says, "you can hate me noww....." ya'll know the rest lol.

3 inspirations:

Jillian said...

get em girl!

great way to turn that negative energy into some positive motivation to do even better!

leave the crumbs to the birds!

GOOD LUCK!! Have a great rest of the week!

kmx. said...

Psh, screw her non-ballin ass.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ you getting "G'd Up"

Just Keep Doin What You Do Luv