Friday, March 20, 2009


It's the first day of SPRINNGG!!


The 1st Day of Spring Google Sign ♥ it

So to celebrate, I'll be doing laundry on my 1st day off in 11 days, stuffy nose and all :/ lol...Nah, that's not the highlight of my day. Gonna actually meet up with my BFF. We're gonna do some light shopping and then get some Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, I love that place.

Hope you guys are enjoying your Friday. What chu up to???

3 inspirations:

argentinito said...

muy bueno!

Jillian said...

sounds like a GREAT DAY!! :)

i am working from home today lol which is great..while multi-tasking to also get some laundry done and clean up my apartment!! lol

then i'm suppose to have a date tonight..HA!

mmm California Pizza Kitchen...that tequila fettucini (sp?) or something goood...
enjoy your day off girl!!

Amber-Alert said...

for some reason i was magically expecting 60 degree weather, sunshine, flowers blooming, and birds lol. enjoy ur day off and hope u feel better!!

i havent been to cpk in a min but i need to go back to try their desserts!!