Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No HO, You Turnin' Me Off!!!

Okay, so everyone knows I'm the biggest Bey obsessor ever. Like we're really gonna get married one day and have 10 kids lol. This chick Keri Hilson, I was actually feeling her too. I even had her "Turning Me On" song on my blog for a lil bit. But yea, she has officially turned me off, how bout that.

Homey reall went and made a diss song towards my Bey, SMH.

Take a listen


I actually liked her, but that's over. The support is done with and if that was some sort of scheme for publicity or to sell records, come on...how many Beyonce fans did you just loose..ahh LOTS homey. IT was just retard.

Okay, I've vented. Besides that stuff. I'm back from GA, studying for a Philosophy exam, so I'll be sure to be back really soon.


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Jillian said...

eh..i don't think it was that serious lol...what's makin it worse is that she's defending herself and what she said...smh...

just let it ride lol..

Latoya said...


aLwAySz said...

Yeah she deftly WENT IN and through the Gauntlet.

But she did say that Beyonce was singing HER songs.

She says something along the lines of: "You aint tell'em all them songs you be singing, i be writing them"
& goes on to say "Just check my name in the credits hoe"

So yeah she went Hard at your "B" but can you blame her, if she just wants what's rightfully hers.
The Acknowledgment, that she did a good job.

I don't think "B" did it on purpose, or that she knows Kerri feels that way.
Busy Wonder Woman like herself.

So maybe it's their camps fault or just "Battery-in-Back-Putters"

I personally love both of them!
and "B"'s a VIRGO!
Like Me!
So you know i fucks with her.

1/3 said...

yea i was feelin Keri when she did that either. If Bey is really not giving her credit for songs then thats something her lawyers need to talk to Bey about. I still like Keri but she need to sit down somewhere lol. She might be a good song writer but her star power aint nearly up there with Beyonce! I heard Beyonce about to put out a reply. cant wait to hear that one lol

Cat Hill said...

How dare she!!! lol Dnt come to my page bcuz I got her "Turn My Swagg On" as my theme song... and I know ur a die hard Beyonce fan...still not toppin "Diva" tho but btw I started a new blog. But if she was dissin Bey I feel she shoulda called her out by her name... not takin subliminal shots I mean hey Keri don't get the big head...humble thy self...lol

A.M. said...

yea it kinda was that serious, u just don't go around disrespecting Queen Bey


iight iight. I'm sooo glad ur back around :)
& u mean Bey is a virgo like us boo lol.

nicely said

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Super missed u. happy u have a new blog now. Imma be all ova it :)

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

thats corny as hell.

Anonymous said...

If I Was Writing For Some Of These R&B Artist Id Pop Shit Too.

But Yea I Love Keri Hilson To Death Shes My Dream Wife But She Shouldn't Have Gone In Like That... At Least Not Until She Got A Couple Platinum Albums Under Her Belt...