Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today I came across a song that really caught my attention. When I first heard New comer Sarah Bareilles Love Song, I loved the song. I mean what a wonderful way to put a spin on the "the guy is leaving me, what should I do" scenario. I absolutely love it that she was like, "No! if you're going, good bye. I'm not gonna write you a love song so you can stay, I need a better reason." In other words, only happy love songs, and you gotta love that.

So I wasn't surprised when she released her second single "Fairytale." PERFECT SONG. As we all know, Fairy Tales always depict the Prince as saving the Princess and being her knight in shining armor. But Sarah says, "I don't care for your fairytale." Prince Charming we don't need you. Do you hear that? Sarah keeps it real yet again. Fairytales aren't ideal, those prince charmings aren't all they are worked up to be, & us ladies can do just fine with out them.

So for your viewing pleasure here goes Fairytale:

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