Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Things Every Woman Needs To Get Rid Of.

So yesterday I was at work on my break with nothing to do, and this article caught my eye. It was called 10 Things Every Woman Needs to Get Rid of Now. The article kinda gave the topics but didn't give indepth explanations, so I thought I should do it for u guys. Heeeerrrreeee goes...

1. Fear of Flaunting
Seriously ladies...U need to work what you got. I know you have insecurities, but we all do, even me LMAO. That was meant to be a joke :) But any way, seriously. Whether it be you think you are too thin, too thick, ya clothes aren't up to date, you've been wearing the same pumps out every Sat. night lol...Work it woman, cause you are all you've got.

2. Any real sincere desire to sleep with a celeb
Come on guys, get over it. We're not 15, 16, or 17 anymore. I know, we've all had them. I won't say who my celebrity hottie was but I've let it go and so should you. Go out there, and find yourself a REAL MAN. You know, one you can cuddle up to instead of wishing you could.

3. A job that drains your job & energy...& for what exactly!

If your job is one which does not pertain to your career and what you're trying to do in the future, and you have one of those bitch ass managers/bosses who just seem to be out to get you, say eff it and move on. Trust me, they are plenty of other cooperations that would be appreciative of you and who you are as a person.

4. Your skinny clothes which just fit after the stomach flu.

Now especially since the summer is gonna be here very shorty this has got to be said. I'm disgusted by those women who wear stuff they have no business putting on their asses. If it's too small do us all a favor and donate it to good will or something. You'll be doing yourself a favor and the general public too.

5. Any guy who doesn't keep his word!!!!!

Now this is a good one, and I'm excited that it made the list. I always say a person is only as good as their word. I know we're all guilty of putting up with that guy, myself included, but seriously ladies we've got to get it together. Any guy who says he is gonna do something, and doesn't... sadly isn't worth your time. Don't waste the pretty :)

6. cigarettes

It is in my personal opinion that smoking is not sexy on a woman. But let me tell ya'll something, do what you please, but don't do it around me. I hate it when other people smoke and they blow it all in your face. It is sooo inconsiderate. Just cause your ass wants to fall over and die from Cancer, doesn't mean I want to too.

7. Rage
So it's sexy to have spunk, speak how you feel all that Jazz. But being some crazy psycho bioch is not cool. Ladies, relax and take a chill pill. Calm down, and say what you have to in a rational manner. It works, trust me. Sometimes even better than yelling.

8. The friend who always makes you feel worst about yourself instead of better.

I can't say I've ever been in this situation, but it must be horrible to have negative friends who only have negative outlooks on life. You should surround yourself with positive people always. It'll make your world a much shiner one :)

9. The agony you relive when you think about that really embarrassing thing you did a year ago.

Here is what I say, you've already done it so let it go. Think of it this way, everyone has embarrassing moments. Embarrassing yourself is inevitable, so go along with it, and have fun. Don't worry, your friends who are laughing, their time shall soon be here.

10. Your Sex Tape

P.S. promise to cite where I got this article from later...

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