Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1/2 Way Through April...

SMH hard that this is actually my first post for the month of April and it's half way through. The quickest update ever, since I'm actually not in the blogging mood.

-My BFF turned 25 two weeks ago. That went well. Her other BFF and I took her to a Spa and we did some other birthday things. No pictures!

- Last weekend went to Atlantic City with the BF. Good times, and very relaxing. Got to do some shopping, relax, and just have fun with each other. No pictures!

-Work is good. I've been having more responsibilities their lately, makes the job more interesting.

Yep, and I think that was pretty much my last three weeks...sigh

What you guys been up to since I've been MIA?

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Jillian said...

um like we've been up to like SOOOOOO

let me stop...

glad that you have had a relatively drama free few weeks..always nice when life floats along lol...booo @ no pictures lol

have a good rest of the week and weekend A to the M!!!

Andre said...

not to much
-out of the navy
-now a lifeguard
-going to georgia state in the fall...
-just jailbroke my iphone

kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

I thought you like...abandoned your blog lol. But uh, nothing really. Spring break is basically ovr =[, been taking a lot of pictures! bout it. Hope your back sooon! =)

Jillian said...

sooo eer uumm still kickin over there?? lol

whenever you get back...come over and check out the Woman of The Week post on Jwork is on my page...come show your support..for me :) hehehehe

Hope all is well over there!!! :)

aLwAySz said...

I've been the saaaaaaaaame way.
Falling way way off the wagon.
But the time away was necessary to come back with that FIRE!