Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My 21st yr is officially OVER! :/

So my lovelies, it's my final hr. of being 21 :) Remember how it all started last yr? I was super excited, went to Vegas, did so's funny how quickly a yr can fly by.

This birthday isn't going to be as specticular as the last one, but I'll still keep you guys posted. Just kinda want it to be simple. Looking forward to spending time with my closet friends and family.

I've been in this weird kinda mood today too...for this particular reason, and it's funny I would find a song to display it riggghtt? Here goes...

Ciara- I Found Myself

Seriously guys...I've been learning some serious lessons lately. I think the lesson of my 21st yr is

No one owes you ANYTHING!!!

I think the sooner people realize this...the happier we will all be because then we will stop depending on others for our happieness. Not a bad lesson to have learnt in my 21st yr huh...

wish me a KICK ASS introduction to 22!!!!!!

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