Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Rant...

Hmm...how about alot to share with you guys. Don't know where to start. This post may not be coherent, just know that I tried.

Best news of all, I'm back in college for my final semester. Was finally able to pay my bill off, get my other classes counted, and haul my butt back to Philly. Taking 5 classes 2 of which are Tennis and Aerobics. Tennis is fun but the Aerobics lady wants us to run for miles. I'm so not with it, we gotta get her out of here.

Lately been feeling like the only person I can depend on is my mother. In fact, I know that's the way it is. Friends, significant others, everybody....they are all full of the BS. Everyone offers to help, and when it's actually time to...they are no where around.

Oh yea, other classes are Law something, an American Lit, and a Capstone which is World Literature. That's gonna be a presentation with a final paper which has to be 25 pages. Man, I just wanna be out of this bitch already. Dec can not come fast enough.

Left my job in NY gonna be working at the one in Philly. I'm working on a promotion when i get back to NYC so I'll be doing some training here. Let's see how that goes, because only god knows, I'm gonna need a way to pay off all those loans once college is over.

My boyfriend- I'LL LEAVE THAT TOPIC FOR ANOTHER DAY! I'm having a happy day right now.

More greats? It's finally September which means my birthday is only in 9days. 22 here i come. I love my bday dearly.

I'm beginning to feel like this is just a big blah...but I think it's the way I feel. Alot is going on in my life in no particular order................

4 inspirations:

Ava Dior said...

when i lived in cali i realized the only person i could depend on when i SERIOUSLY needed it, was my play cousin. and i had a bunch of family living in my area. but, all that did was make me appreciate her in my life more.

im always happy to see my younger friends on the right path. it makes me happy because with all the things standing in my way, i had to see someone NOT doing it, when they have NOTHING holding them back.

everything you struggle for is going to be so rewarding once you get to the top.

(vixenchick) said...

hey! i've missed you. you're so lucky to have a mom that loves you so much. : ) and congrats on being back in school!



Velly Vell said...

world literature sounds like happyfuntimes to me lol

wish u well at school ! and happy early bday lol (i just wanted to be first)

A.M. said...

@Ava Dior: How come u always give the best advice ever:)

@ Vixen: Hey pretty gurl :) Yea, my mom is pretty poppin'

@Velly: Yea man I love it. We're reading "Love in the Time of Cholera" Pretty good love story :)