Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Back... For Good!!!

Whose been horrible blogger? I've been a horrible blogger. I think I've just been too lazy to do it. Won't even say its from being busy, because I'm writing this as I journey to work on the subway. Anyhow, I'll give you guys a mini rundown.'s Monday morning folks and I'm sick. Didn't really want to go to work but decided it would be best if I went. Things were so bad yesterday{shout out to the best BFF ever who stayed w/ me all day}, I was gonna go to the ER, thankfully I'm feeling a bit better now.

Work has been work, been putting in a lot of hours there which may account for me not feeling so well.
School's almost over, took one of my finals, business management, on Sat. Morning. It was eaaassssyyyyy!!!! :) just one more to take tomorrow morning, Philosophy, and I'll be school freeee!!!! SIKE! I'm actually trying to take four classes this summer, anything to be done by December. {Side note: damn it just missed my 2nd train, guess I'm def gonna be late for work...oh welllzzzz}

Things are still going awesomely well with the boyfriend, did I tell you guys he is like too good to be true?!?!?! I love it. I'm gonna go out there and say, I think this is my first grown up relationship. We have an awesome time together and respect each other's time, space, and individuality...something I've never had in the past. Plus, he spoils me like the brat I truly am. Adore him!

I guess that's it for now and once I get home I'm catching up on EVERYONE'S blog.
Adios mis amigos!

4 inspirations:

Jillian said...

welcome back lol :) glad you are feeling better!! :)

Andre said...

guess who's back eh?

and I'm in my first post navy relationship but I'm kinda one foot in one foot out... I'm such a douche sometimes.

kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

I'm glad everything is going so well with you love! I need to get back on my blogging game too, I've just been posting pics; & all that stuff. =P

Glad you're back though!!! =D

TimahTimah said...

I'm guilty of being a horrible blogger as well. I'll be back at it hopefully tomorrow. Glad to know the relationship is going great. You deserve it. Feel better.