Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend Wash

The weekend was a wash and I mean that literally. It really rained alllll weekend. It started since Friday and hasn't stopped since. Consequently, we couldn't even take the doggy to the park on Sunday morning but we did make it to the baby shower, which was iight. Sat went to class and did dinner with my boyfriend...just the regular and Fri shopped with the BFF, always a good time.

This week has been a quiet one, especially since the rain has been here. School is fun though. Later on, I'm gonna share a philosophy theory I learned with you guys...loves it. I think if we all thought that way, we would be way happier people.

Catch ya'll later :)

2 inspirations:

Cat Hill said...

Yea I heard about the rain...but OMG! its been a min. since I been on here nice to see everything is goin well for u :)


Ms. Lovely said...

this rain is the pits! ugh. Look at you walking doggies and boyfriending! lol..Glad to see you're so happy!