Friday, February 22, 2008

An Atlantic City Excursion :) i stand here at the stove making pancakes at 12 noon, I can't help but wonder should I have one or should have 2 LOL- HOLD ON...GOTTA FLIP THEM OVER!!!!

Okay, I'm back. it's gonna be a fluffy pancake ya'll. Anyhow. So I missed blogging yesterday but that was only because I was having crazy fun. Yesterday afternoon after class I decided to go on an Atlantic City Excursion-no it's not totally random. It was da boyfriend's mom's birthday :) LUV i had to gooooo. Hold on..gotta put some PAM in the pan, time to fry my eggs.

BACK! so where was I...Yes, I LUV her, so I went. The entire fam was there, except da boyfriend-he had to work and go to school. But regardless we had a great time. OMG, they are some funny folks. It's always a good time being around them. They are so light hearted and I love how they love each other so much.

Not only that, but I got to see my Malachai and we all know how I feel about him. He is such a lover I swear. Loves to cuddle when he sleeps and all.

But as every good thing must come to an end, it was time to leave this morning. After stories of why Dumbo's mother had no business being killed, debates on if Lil Mama should be hosting that dance show on MTV, and Malachai throwin a tantrum in the middle of the night, we all went our seperate ways: them to NY, me back to Philly.

BUT DAMN!! Here comes the snow storm, which only made the ride back to Philly an even longer one. So instead of being back in my bed at 9 like I wanted to, I got into bed at 10, and couldn't even fall asleep :/.
So now, I'm still up because I have to go to work. Can't wait to hit the sheets tonight.

Well I'm off to facing the snow, wish me luck :)

P.S. The Pancakes R Bangin' hehe

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