Friday, February 8, 2008

Mad at everyone in the world, EXCEPT MY MOMMY I’m sitting here watching Desperate Housewives, I’m thinking I respect Eva's character no lie. I mean I never watch the show on the regular but every time I do, she is always cheating on someone. & do you know why she does the sh*t that she does huh? Here husband, that major or whoever he is, is an "I’m not ever around" kind of bastard. I'm convinced, 95% of women just cheat because their significant other are assholes. I mean sure, we love them, we wanna have their babies one day, walk down the aisle, but a girl needs attention & if you're not giving it, best believe she'll get it from some place else. Yes I said it...
Which moves on to I effin' hate selfish people, especially selfish men. U guys know the type. The ones that you would do anything for, lay yourself down for, and they are selfish as sh*t...don't care about your feelings or nothing...ain't even gonna get into it anymore & I’m certainly not calling any names.
As ya'll can probably tell by now, Im having a messed up kinda day. Im just so grumpy and everything is bothering me. I give all credit to "my friend," if you know what I mean, cause Im never like this. And certain people can't even give me an "Ok Ashmalli. This is ur free pass to bitch today." WTF...Seriously, i just wanna break something

Anyway...on with even more annoyance. I came home tonight from work (the job that i hate) only to find that one of my roommates ate my dinner. WTF. Now I’m not feeling' well, and I have to go cook something. Can you believe it? This S*it is ridiculous. Right now, I think I’m just gonna go to bed. Tomorrow will be a new and hopefully better day.

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