Saturday, February 9, 2008

There is such a thing as an honest Thief

So Today was another uneventful one. It seems I'm always so excited to come home to NY becauseI wanna see my friends and boyfriend but then it just turns into a big whatever because my friends and boyfriend end up at places together and Im at home. Too long to explain. The most eventful thing so far for today is my identity being stolen....

YES's been stolen. I decided to check my credit report online today, and you wouldn't believe some bastard opened an account in my name. And not only that, but they have been paying it on time. I guess there is such a thing as an honest thief. So Chase is currently looking it up.

Hmph. I've got to get out tonight. I've decided to go to this party my aunt is throwing for her boyfriend. I mean sure I'll be hanging out with 50 year old people :( but it's something to do. Maybe I'll bag up some old man who can help me clear everything on that credit report up....hehe

On to bleaker events...I have all this damn work to do for school it's not even cool. That's what I should have been doing. Should have kept my a*s in Philly and done my freaking hw. But rest ashore this is my last weekend in this place called NYC. My presense it much more appreciated in Philly anyway....

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