Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Can Not Respect A Cheat!!

So I always say, I can't stand stupid people. It's true, I can't. They say dumb sh*t, do dumb shi*t, and just act dumb as sh*t. But today I've decided the one thing I can't stand more than a stupid person is a cheater. After all, stupid people can't help themselves; they were just born that way. But cheaters, cheaters they have a choice. It is a decision to be made. Should I be faithful to the one I claim to love or should I be a jerk and continue until i get caught? I know the cheaters out there reading this are yelling, "hell yea, i continue until i get caught." It's just so sad man. A person can't possible respect their significant other if they cheat on them over and over again. It's simply not logical. Consequently, I can not respect a cheat. When you are a cheat it makes you so many other things. A liar, a dishonest person, scum… should I continue with the list? Ugh...It's almost stressful. I obviously have my reasons for writing this, no my man is not cheating on me (well not to my knowledge...never say never) and my reasons really hurt my heart. I love my all of girlfriends and I can only wish them wisdom. So in the name of my gurlies here's a Carrie Underwood:

Carrie Underwood ~ Before He Cheats

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& yes I know it's a bit violent-I've been violent lately huh lol- but remember last post, love can make you do some crazy sh*t. But honestly, anyone who cheats repeatedly probably deserves it.

Now that I have vented- enough about the cheaters- on to watching more Idol. Talented group this year I must say :)

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