Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yep Yep...Im Cultured

SO this is gonna be a long one. It's official, I am a bad blogger. I haven't written on this thing for about four days and I have so much to say. Promise to do a better job guy. So let’s start with, I had an absolute fabulous weekend.
First, Sat I went to an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Since it was the beginning of the Chinese new year, the museum held an exhibition on Chinese culture. My bestie Fatima and I were able to make a chop. A chop for those of you who don't know is a stamp which is pretty much a signature of ones name.
In addition to the chop we also listened to cultural Chinese music, and I sung in a fun fun...Of course Fatima ate because she is just the regular fat ass... and then we did Salsa dancing, who knew the museum could be such fun.
On to super bowl Sunday. But before we get to that excellent win, Keeya luv, Missy (Fatima), and I all went out to support Obama.
Mann....that was crazy. No, people in NY are crazy. We pretty much just had to get people to sign up and support Senator Obama and remind them of Super Tuesday. Some people had attitudes, obvious Republican haters. You know one guy had the nerve to scream in our faces, "I am a republican..."LOSER!!!! Then they were the Hillary lovers, mostly women though. After chasing random people down on the streets of NY though...It was time to go home and watch the game with my Cheatham, the New England lover..SMH. Needless to say his Super Bowl Sunday didn't turn out so well...but it did for me..GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GIANTSSS!!!!
On to the important things in life though. I really hope you guys went out and voted today, no matter for whom because really it’s so so so important. I mean super Tuesday had gotten me just as excited as the super bowl...Go Obama! Yes we can!!!

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