Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Not Tonight!

So tonight has turned into another random Friday. I'm sure there are things to do somewhere out there in this world, but I'm really just not up to it. Today I went to Philly to look at apartments and that actually went well. However, it took up most of my day and now I'm just drained. went shopping with Missy for a bit and added to the Bra collection. Come on, don't act like you don't know Vicki S's semi annual is on right now LOL. Luv it.

Speaking of shopping, it's pay day and my check is done already :( that shit is kinda depressing. I seriously need another job if I'm gonna survive. No idea why kids wanna grow up. That was never me, and now that I am -grown up that is- I still feel the same way.

N E how, I'm going to bed. Lots more to share, but just not tonight.

How's your Friday night?

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