Monday, June 30, 2008

Run Down

so it's been a week, and I've kinda been MIA. You know a lot went down, so I was off line a bit. Hmph let's see. There was My Keeya luv's high school graduation. Major congrats on that. I totally love you for the major accomplishment. My cousin Arnold also graduated high school so MAJOR MAJOR congrats to him too...loved his Grad party :) Some chillin' with the besties- ya know had to do some reconnecting & even a date on Sunday night to start the week off. That one was kinda great, i like him :) On the flip side, I've been tryna set up my blackberry with the help of the ex ex who is all the way in PA... I heart my Julian. God knows what I would do without him when it comes to technical stuff. N E how, lots of pics to I'll be back after work I suppose...this was just a run down

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karrie b. said...

ughhhhhhhhhhh when were u gonna tell me u had a blog?!?!?! lol. loving the digs girlie ;)