Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snipped Snipped with the quickness!!!

Alright, today I was actually gonna post a question that I really wanted an answer too. But an asshole pissed me off and I shall write about that instead.

I was talking to this guy, matter of fact he was talking to me because I could care less. He calls me last night and we're talking on the phone and he asks me what I'm doing on Friday. I said I'm going out with a friend and he keeps pushing to find out if it's a female or not. Finally he gives up, and says he's gonna go to bed, so being me -you know the one who doesn't care- I said bye.

This NIGGA -yes I said it- calls me back like three times and I really didn't feel like answering so I let that shit ring. He leaves a voicemail and this is how it goes:

"Yo I don't know who you think you are but you're being a bitch right now. You think you're the shit, blah blah blah blah....loose my number."

LMFAO..Homeboy def lost his effin' mind right? Yea, that's what I was thinking.
Like my girl B says," He must not know bout me." Shout outs to you Mr. Fean, I don't want your ass, I never wanted you, it's been 5 yrs now and you're still trying mad hard. So How bout you 1 yeaself (do people say that n e more LOL) & loose my shit because quite frankly, you act like I call you, dude you call me.

& for all you other dudes out there, that disrespectful shit does not work. You will be snipped snipped with the quickness. Yes I do think I'm the shit & quite frankly you should too...

Great, I got it all out. But real quick that "bitch" thing really pissed me off. It would have bothered you too right??

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