Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex & the City

The night I went to see Sex & the City started out a happy one. I rolled out my bed thinking today would finally be the day I see the movie with my three girlfriends Jodi, Missy, and Jackie. Fast forward to 11 at night and we're sitting in Fridays coloring before we go see the 12:35 AM show.

seeeee.....we colored!!!

She was really getting into hers though :)


N E forward some more and the movie has begun. The ladies are coloring in the movie and we're all laughing at what a coincidence that us four was just doing the same thing they happened to be "doing."

But all of a sudden, things weren't so great anymore and I realized I went to see the movie for the same reason every other woman who has lost someone she loves did, to see if the ultimate couple of the "breakup" would get back together. If they didn't then I would know there was no such thing as hope, that I had lost one, that it was truly over. A bit overly dramatic huh? But hey! It was the truth.

But that didn't happen. Carrie and Big actually got back together after their zillionth breakup. So here I am sad as hell at the end of the movie cause I'm like damn, does this mean I should pursue my current situation. & then I realized.....

HELLLL NOOO!!!!! Although Carrie and Big were the ultimate "breakup" couple, although, he dumped her on their wedding day, although he broke her heart numerous times over, at the end of the day Karrie didn't go running back to him, he ran back to her. & that's the way it should be. At the end he made the effort and showed Karrie she was what he really wanted. So therefore, I am done!!! I am done chasing after some man who doesn't want to be chased. I've finally figured out that "life doesn't always turn out to be your fantasy, that's why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all." & that I do have. Well said Carrie B.

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