Friday, July 11, 2008

Anotha Homie's Birthday!!!

So today is anotha one of the homie's Birthday!!! It's miss Kelly Kels...


She too has turned the big 21. I've officially known her for all my life. She's my God sister. I wish I had some throwback pics of her and I when we were little but I can't find the damn album to scan the pic.

We have lots of fun together -whenever we get to see each other- about twice a yr since she lives in GA.

She brings out the crazy side in me and that's why I love her. When I'm with her I get to have a GOOD time because she's jus that kinda person. She knows how to brighen my day, makes me laugh, & her advice is often on pt.

So Major HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 My God Sissy Kelly!!!
♥ ya.

2 inspirations:

One Eighteen said...

Comin thru the blog one more time, decided to leave you a comment. I'll be back!!! Oh and tell your friend I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Welcome to the 21 club


~Ms.Flawless~ said...

it feels good lol thanks MY LOVER!!!