Saturday, July 12, 2008

Randomness Pt. 1

These are things I've been wanting to mention for the last two days but haven't in honor of my girlfriends and their B-days. This may be the most random post you've ever read because the topics are all over the place. Let's start with the train.

I take the train to work everyday and these are a few things I've noticed. People have no effin' manners. Yesterday this pregnant lady was on the Q train with me, and all these men just sat their asses down and didn't even get up for her. Then.....this one guy finally noticed her and gave up his seat. He deserves a pat on the shoulder.

2nd thing about the train. I take the 2.


At nights when I'm coming home from work I always try to stand in front of white people who are sitting down LOL. Isn't that sad. But trust me, their is good logic behind it. Most of them get off at the stops Brooklyn Museum and Grand Army Plaza; you know the prettiful neighborhoods. So They get off first, and I plop my ass down in their seats until I get to what's almost the last stop on the train..hehe.

On to the next. I've still been looking at cute doggies around NYC. I usually see tons but I'm often at work and can't just pull out my phone and snap a picture. Yesterday I was at the Bank and this thing was in there:


so I know this is mean, but he wasn't a cute one. Hence, the blurry pic. I didn't even wanna ask the owner if I could take a pic of him.

Even more randomness. I lost my wallet the other day. You know whhhhhyyyyy???? Because of this here:

I really wanted some milk 2 nights ago so I stopped at the corner store around my house to get some. This was the last place I used my wallet and I still can't find it. Then yesterday morning I had some milk before I left for work, got home at 6 and apparently I'd left the fridge slightly ajar. Soo...the shit got spoiled anyway. Awww man!!! What a waste of my time. at least I drunk 1/2 of it.

more randomness...Speaking of "awww man," I've been saying it a lot lately, it's even driving me crazy. Don't know where I got that one from. I think my boss probably says it & I notice I've been talking a lot like her too. I don't know if it's because I admire the person she is. Hmmm...

& to top it all off, biggest random of all. I've been looking at women's boobs lol. Seriously!!! When I'm at work, my co-worker, a guy, him and I pick them out. He is always like, "I swear you got some sugar in your tank," but I swear it's nothing like that. Boobs are just pretty hehe.

What's been your random deal lately?

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One Eighteen said...

thats funny you mention that cuz i was at the barbershop today and a dude came in with his pregnant girlfriend and he took a seat. His girl had to stand and when i saw it i offered her my seat and she looked so thankful, she didnt even have to say it. I thought that was bogus of dude. That girl is carryin YOUR bigheaded ass baby and you take a seat before she does? Thats low man.


Sha Sha said...

I take the 3 train home and I try to stand in front of white people all the Sometimes I get stuck in front of an older black woman and I never get a seat.

Damn the dude sat down and didn't let her....smh. How rude but she picked him. She had to know his bad habits already or he probably didn't even realize he was suppose to let her sit down. @ One Eighteen

A.M. said...

yea on eighteen, at least we still have some nice guys out there. Very kind of you...
& Sha Sha the white people trick always works huh hehe

Andre said...

When I was a faithful train rider, I saw that shit all the time... It's like chivalry is dead!

karrie b. said...

ughhh the MTA makes me sick. lately ive been drinking less, i noticed. i guess thats random.


Anonymous said...

My little boy has started saying that Awww Man lately when I tell him no about something

A.M. said...

drinking less...that could be random Ms. Karrie B & She needs that is too cute though :)...oh and Andre, I think it just might be :/

K@LiENTe said...

LMMFAo @ awwwwwwwwww man @ starign at boobs, i am so not a les but if i see a pretty woman i can't stop staring at her...i stare at womens asses..LMAO

Da Hunni Toya said...