Friday, July 4, 2008

A NYC kinda Independance Day

4th of July is finally here and I had mad plans that I'm not even feelin' anymore. Just not in the mood. A lot just pissed me off today. For example, no I still haven't gotten the blues (reference My Blue Shoes...Fri June 13th) back. I was determined to get them today because I had the perfect outfit planned in my head & that didn't happen ugh.

Had to go to work today but that was cool with me because time and a 1/2 always works. So on my way to work I saw the sweetest puppy on the train. I'm starting a Doggy album because I really want one but won't be able to get one until I graduate in a yr. Here goes the first doggy:

Doggy #1


Not really the type I'm looking for but nevertheless, he was still cute & he was sleeping awww...

Then.........I bumped into my gurl Opal in Old Navy> Haven't seen her in a really long time & guess what????



ahhhh mannn...doesn't she look niceeee..

After that it started raining in Soho, so I decided to catch rain drops in my mouth LOL. People were looking at me like, "look at the crazy black girl," but i didn't care because at the end of the day, it made me happy!!! :)



3 inspirations:

i.can't.complain. said...

happy belated 4th

i won't say anything to u about acid rain

cuz the "regular" food that we get from the grocery stores seems to be far more dangerous these days than any pesky acid rain

such is life, right?

thnx for the visit 2 my blog

any friend of k.b. (karrie b) is alright with me :-)


Kieya said...

new york rain?

did it sizzle when it hit your tongue? lol

A.M. said... actually tasted like reg hmph