Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday to the homie Portia N.

Happy 21st. Birthday 2 the Homie Portia N.


So we met 3 years ago freshman yr of college. Thought you were cool but we never chilled that much until Tea parties came around; we really need to start those again. You were from D.C. I was from NY so I guess there was lots to learn about each other. You left, came back, and that's when our friendship really popped off. It was nice having someone to talk to, discuss with, advice from, and talk about how much CHC sucked. Trips together, weekends at not so cool parties, and planning more trips together I've realized're a cool kinda girl.

That's why on today-your 21st birthday- I wish you lots of happiness, prosperity, and drunken nights hehe.


4 inspirations:

Don said...

via KB, she told us to come and check your blog out. so i came and checked your blog out.

pretty good look.

A.M. said...

well thank yo don, thank u :)

Luxury said...

Mmm Happy Birthday Portia! lol I sort of like her dress. & your blog is nice. =]
Ohh & I read that growing up post that you told me about...& Im no where nearr as independent as you are so kudoosss to you lady. lol Im trying to cling on to my Mom & Dad & not work at alllll. But its wearing thin =[

Andre said...

Your girl sure is shinin' LOL...