Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Train Tales Pt.2- More Postive Thinking!

Guys I swear I might just need to write a book on the train this summer or something because the postive thinking I do on there is amazing. Let's call this postive thinking on the train pt.2

As some of you may know, I just got out of a 3 yr on and off relationship. Of course I was super attached for quite a few reasons. I've spent my entire college career thus far in a relationship, he's been my 1st for so many things, I have an awesome relationship with his family, the list goes on. I usta think, I'll never get over it,how will i ever find the right one for me, OMG i know he's the one why can't he see it. But then..I've realized I am gonna be alright. It kinda shocks me. I'm almost sad at times of how well I seem to be doing alone...well not alone any more (hehe) but w/o him. Before I would cry, be upset, talk about him all day long, hope to get back together. Now, I can honestly say that doesn't happen. I smile when I think of how much I'm getting over him, how much I'm never stressed any more, how I've been gaining weight this summer & my booty is kinda offically back LMAO. I love it.

& I love him. I don't think that will ever change. Think I'm being a sucker? Nah, I'm not. Because of ( can't give him that much credit) because of the relationship, I am so much smarter, a little bit better equip to deal with men, love, letting go, and moving on.

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karrie b. said...

ok ash so u need to get this word verification crap off cuz it's slowing down my comment process...

anywhoo, i know the say in the least. just try not to lose sight of yourself in the process...cuz its easy when you're in love.

Andre said...

It's a good feeling when you make that breakthrough . That point where you're like..."I don't really need to talk to this person." And actually mean it.
It's a beautiful thing.

One Eighteen said...

congratulations on the epiphany. now just don't get all caught up with this new nigga either. cuz its easy to fall into cycles like the one you just came off of.


A.M. said...

@ Karri B
I'll get that done for u ASAP LOL. Hope ur having fun in FL.

& Andre
aww man...thanks. Yes, the feelin' is a good one. At times I slip back into it. But 99% of the time I'm like Tony da Tiger...Grrrrreeatt!!! :)

& one eighteen

Gurl... I feel you. Like the new guy a lot.He's def BF material, but taking it slow is always best. My motto.

One Eighteen said...

@ A.M. I aint a girl shawty


A.M. said...

@ one eighteen

aww man... i knew that. Don't know why I put the girl thing. Sooooooo MUAHZZZZZ :)

Stew said...

way to bounce back.