Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've been blinded...

yep!!! I've been blinded, literally!!! This morning I woke up with the ill headache. I guess that's because I got home at 5 am-ish since I was hanging with that guy-gosh I've gotta find a blogger name for him :) We'll call him, "Mr. Perspective" :)

Anyway, like I was saying, i got out of bed this morning, head hurting like hell because everyone kept waking me up with texts, emails, phone calls, Black berry messenger, AIM..Damn, I'm too accessible. I finally decided to get out the bed since sleeping was obviously not an option, kneeled, and snap, this was the result...


I really snapped my glasses into 2. Swear, I almost cried. You guys don't understand the severity of the situation. I CAN'T SEE NADA W/O MY EXTRA EYES!!!

So now I have to find myself back to my eye doctor, get a new prescription, and spend mad money...ugh.

Needless to say today wasn't so much of a good one because I couldn't see a thing. But then I went to work and felt all better, know why????

Today was pay day!!! Can ya'll say woop woop with me. I got money In da bank!! hehe.

&&&&&&&....Mr. Perspective visited me at work today. Total surprise...awww man :) Cheeks are mad red right now.

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