Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is that A.M.????


NAHHHHH!!!!!! It's just Rihanna LOL. Sorry guys I needed something 2 make me laugh. People always tell me no lie, "you look like Rihanna," and I always say, "nah, home girl looks like me lol." All through out my Memorial Day weekend in Miami last yr all the guys were like "Ay Rihanna!!!" Shit was annoying.

This is me


Wat ya'll think? lol

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Sexxy Luv said...

I can see why they would say that...get you some contacts and get some of that umbrella money girl! lol

TimahTimah said...

nooo i already told u Kerry washington and jessica alba post pics and see what the readers say lol

ps thanks for reading and the comments I'll blog more tomorrow [maybe] i have school til 8:10 might be tired lol

oh and i just added a pic of me under the fryer lol

Andre said...

girl that's just that Guyananese in you... LOL but y'all could be related I guess. I'd say the finger pokey picture is more rhi rhi is though!

Bombchell said...

"she looks more like you" in your profile picture =)

dessex said...

Just stoppin by for the first time..

Hello lol

I can way folks would say that there are some striking similarities (cheeks and smile).

and Talib Kweli song is dope...Gotta add that to the ipod asap.

A.M. said...

@ everyone

It's funny. I NEVER thought I looked like her...that's why I would always say, nah she looks like me lol...but when I saw this pic I almost I actually saw it...hmph..

Sass said...

i see it, but i'm with timah on the jessica alba thing lol

karrie b. said...

the shapes of your faces, def are similar...

ppl say i look like vivian green and anika noni rose...oh! and will's mom from fresh prince according to timah


A.M. said...

@ Sass
really about Jessica alba? that's crazy lol..she is pretty though :)

@ Kakrrie b.
I can def see vivian. it's the shape of the face. she is also really pretty

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

me think smile look delish folk

~Ms.Flawless~ said...


Da Hunni Toya said...