Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A.M. Has Reached Her 100th!!!!

1st and foremost it's my:


Woop woop. go meeee!!! Can't believe I've been with you guys 4 quite sometime now. Thank you all for coming through everytime you do and supporting my thoughts, adventures, trials, and woes :)

Special shout outs to Ms. Karrie B, she was sort of my inspirtation for doing a blog. I really enjoyed hers and thought, "I too may be good at this...in my own way."

Other dedicated readers such as my sissy Sexxy luv, Andre, Ms. Lovely, P.Y.T., alwaysz, Taryn, KMX, Eb, P.N., I can't compain, Stephen...the list def goes on- you are my blog.(feel like I'm accepting an award hahahA) If I didn't have you guys to reflect upon my thoughts here in blog land, it all just wouldn't be complete.

Here's to lots more post!!!

Moving on to the nexxt:

As u guys may have noticed I've been kinda mia for a bit. I've been around your
blogs and all, just haven't done that much with mine. Sure I've made post on
beyonce, songs I'm currently jamming too, & crazy psycho girl, but those are all
of the externals, what I like to call, a lil fluff.

You see, over the last two weeks,I haven't quite been myself on and off. I feel
like I have no control over my life sometimes, and I've never liked that
feeling. My life pretty much consist of 3 aspects as of now. School, my job, and
family and friends. A 4th aspect usta be somewhere in there, but he no longer exist.

So let's see how its really been:

School- its one of those things that's solely based on how I prepare myself. If
I BS my grades are average, if I do what I need to, they're hot. Simple right? I
need to stop the BSing then, because I am not average.

Work: Work is ugh. If you guys may not know, I work for Club Monaco, its kinda
been my gig through college. Helps to pay for my apt at school, supports and
spending habbit, and helps with my bills. Usually I work at my nyc location, but
go back to Philly's location when school starts. I've been back and I hate it.
Therfore, I've decide to venture into nyc every weekend since I'm more
comfortable there, but its been a bit of a hassle.

Friends and family: no problems there :) I love those guys the most, because they
love me the most. Yesterday I met up with my BFF-since I've been at school over
the last 3 weeks. We did some light shopping ( can't stop us when we're together
lol) had some thai for dinner, and ventured home on the sucky ole nyc subway
system. Been making a ton of new friends at school too...so its great.

the 4th aspect: Like I said before, no longer exist but it still does in my heart ugh. We shall dicuss in another post, just too much to get through.

But since I've been gone for a min, here's what I've been up to:


Playing with YOSHI!!! My roomie's doggie. ♥ him


beer with the guys next door YUCK!!! beer is gross


Which included beer pong...hehe


took a trip into the city the other day with a friend to this cool music store


They had cool old records :)


even visited this mosaic house. the guy built it all on his own, on South St. from TRASH


coool chair huh?


South St. Lots of fun...


... & food!!!


Went to a football game for school: Temple University (owls) vs. Ohio


the game was in support for Breast cancer, so it was a PINK out game. U know I was in there like swim wear because I'm a woman and I love pink!!


it was hella fun and these guys were hella funny, except for the Phillies red hats ugh. Bet u can pick me out in this picture lol


we were really cold- the roomie and I- but we can still smile :)


football booty LMAO

At the end of the night it was a fun game and we beat their ass allllllllll ova ESPN. WOOP WOOP!!!

It's what I've been up to!
Whew!!! that was a long one :)

20 inspirations:

Jayne Dough said...



Sexxy Luv said...

congrats to you lil sissy!!!

100 already?....i have to step my game up, this 1 post a week is not going to cut it! lol

I hate dogs but Yoshi is the cutest thing ever!!!!

no more beer, that is so not cool!

luv ya *muah*

Da Hunni Toya said...





Yasmeen Christian said...

You are a COOL lady.

kmx. said...

I should've did more of a celebration for my 100th post...maybe I'll go for 200. =)
Thx for the lil shouty! It made me all warm and fuzzy inside =D
Good luck with School & Work! You'll get it girl..& No more "him"? =[
Yay for the Fight Against Breast Cancer Support! Woooo. =D

Andre said...

Congrats on your 100th! Whats with the big push in breast cancer awareness all of a sudden? Today I saw a pink cement mixer...But it's hella cool you were getting your dig on a lil bit and I need to go back to NY, just not in the winter though!

K@LiENTe said...

Congrats!!!!!!! love the pics and post!

Melody.Darlene said...

congrats mamas!!

A.M. said...

@ Jayne Dough:
cool... I'll be sure to stop by and check out your 100th. Yes, we luv our Yoshi hehe

@ Yep u do need to step ya game up, because i like reading ya stuff. I promise, no more beer...it's just so gross. & he is precious(yoshi) isn't he :)

@ Toya
Yea to everything u said :)the chair was hot and the guy who did it and his entire house is very talented I must say.

Aww thank u. that means a lot.

@ kmx
I love how i just pick out the part of people's comments I wanna comment about the most. Yep no more him, but for today I'm okay with it. Eff him :)

@ Andre:
Yea NY is totally it. U should have come here for ya bday next weekend.

@ K@liente:

2 melody darlene:
gracias chica.

Teems said...

100 is a good look. Congrats.
I think I like looking at football booty. Its cute and funny. lol

Danielle said...

Congratulations! I hope you have 100 more great posts :o)

Saitek said...


keep it up!

A.M. said...

@ teems:
yea, ut sure was...the bootys hehe

@ danielle:
meeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooo!!! thank u :)

@ Saitek:
I have to-keep it up- it's how i stay sane sometimes :) Thankies

Bloggal said...

first time coming through by way of your sister. congrats on your 100th! just reached mine about a week ago too=)

A.M. said...

@ Bloggal:
aww my sissy is the best huh...Will be sure to stop by your blog really soong...work calls now :)

Eb the Celeb said...

First of all... I love love love this INdia song playing... whew... I am so in a trance right now...

congrats on the 100th post... I love the Karrie B... she rocked hard me with and my crew on friday at the halloween party... freakin love her

and thx for the shout!

A.M. said...

@ eb:
aww..yea this song helps me through the hard time.

thankies, and yes she is the best :) I'm sure I will be seeing the pics of u guys in the morning

anytime for the shoutout. ur one of my faves

A.M. said...

@ eb:
aww..yea this song helps me through the hard time.

thankies, and yes she is the best :) I'm sure I will be seeing the pics of u guys in the morning

anytime for the shoutout. ur one of my faves

i.can't.complain. said...

Look at puppy face!

Such a cute dog

Happy 100


aLwAySz said...

Yeah, i'm late but *shrug*

AWESOME 100th post!

The doggie is madd cute and that it's name is YOSHI, makes it twice as cool.
The food looked Dee-lish as well.

I can relate with being out of sync. Sometimes i call it not being able to hear the universe.

Last week it's been like that and as you noticed my blog suffered.
But im back and should have a Blog Session on Sunday. . . no promises.

LOL ;)