Thursday, October 16, 2008

UGHHH!!!!! I can't take it anymore!

So as you guys all know the Philles won the game last night. This shit is ridiculous & these people are alllll fucking crazy. Last night after they won the game, they went crazy and had riots all over town. I mean you didn't see us jumping on cars and shit after we won the super bowl. I guess that shit happens when you suck and U haven't won a national league championship since 1993. LOSERSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! They get mad when people say their crazy, but really the shit is true.

Niggas go arrested and shit after the game, 18 of them cause they don't know how to act. An additional 4 arrested for assulting police officers.

On to the World Series they go. Hopefully, they won't. I promise I'm not being a hater but OMG it's just a baseball game.

Wanna hit the NYC so bad right now

P.s. I tried finding pics of the crazy people going crazy but the news here just show the civilized fans which is like 10.

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Andre said...

that's called "mob mentality" I learned about that!

Eb the Celeb said...

Come hit up NYC girlie!

Velle Of CPC said...

Baseball, White People And Beer. Need There Be Anything Else To Be Said?

dessex said...

at least Philly won...In Oakland in 2003, when the Radiers lost the superbowl they riot. How stupid.

Sexxy Luv said...

I feel sorry for you having to be in the mist of all that crap! lol

enjoy your weekend sissy!

A.M. said...

@ andre:
Did ya now Andre lol

@ eb the celeb:
gurl HW won't let me. Next weekend though. I miss hime :/

@ Velle of cpu:
Yea I think you're right.

They are still losers

@ sexxy luv:
I will sissy muahzzz :)

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

im clueless to the world of sports! so the riots seem ridiculous, like damn its just a game dont be a sore loser lol

A.M. said...

@ tayrn: lol actually gurlie they are extra crazy winners well their fans r.

P.N.* said...

when u get jumped for talking slick about the phillies i hope im in earshot and a good view! lmao
MISS U MUCHO! mi guyanese amiga ;)